How to adjust the size of the gazebo to the garden?

Jak dopasować wymiar altany do ogrodu?
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If you are planning to buy or build a gazebo in your garden, it is worth first considering the location of the gazebo and the appropriate size.

Before choosing a style, shape or species of wood, think first of the place where you want to place the gazebo. Check if the place is suitable for placing a gazebo and what size it allows. Be sure to collect all the necessary dimensions to be able to fit a gazebo of the right size

Catalog models of gazebos usually measure 3.5 by 2 meters. If the chosen space is too narrow, it would be difficult to install such a gazebo. That is why you should make sure what size the future location of the gazebo allows.

When choosing a garden summerhouse we should think about the needs of our family – how many people should the summerhouse be used for? Will there be guests coming over? If your garden allows it, you can decide on a gazebo larger than the standard catalog models. You only have to reckon with the fact that large gazebos require additional building permits.

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