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Different types of pruning shears are very useful tools in everyday garden maintenance. Their importance is especially seen in spring and autumn, when many plants require careful pruning. What type of secateurs to choose for your garden?

Types of secateurs

Secateurs can be divided by length and functionality. According to the first of these categories we distinguish secateurs:

  • short – small tools with a handy character, intended for cutting shoots with a small cross-section. They are used successfully with only one hand;
  • long – these are two-handed tools with which you can cut through thicker branches. Handles are up to 1 m long. In some models you can adjust the force with which the cut is performed;
  • pole pruners – telescopic pruners with an extension arm. Thanks to them, you can cut the branches located higher up and without using a ladder. We cut by pulling the cord.

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With regard to functionality, we divide secateurs into:

  • scissors – their advantage is the precision of cutting, which is provided by two well-sharpened blades;
  • anvil – they are designed for cutting woody and withered shoots. They have only one blade, but you need less force to use them.

What secateurs to choose?

It is worth having several secateurs among the tools – each will be useful in a slightly different situation. Invariably important is quality workmanship, which will allow you to enjoy secateurs for more than one season

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