Thickness of paving stones. Which one to choose?

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A tidy driveway and garden paths are always a pleasure for every homeowner. It is also known that not everyone has the time and inclination to take care of these places all the time, that is why most people decide to lay paving blocks there, which look nice, are durable and practical.

What is the best thickness of paving blocks?

Actually, it all depends on the purpose and the place, where it will be laid. A different thickness will be suitable for a path leading to the end of the garden and another for a drive

  • Paving blocks 4 cm thick are perfect for garden paths or walkways. You can also install it on the terrace or on the stairs leading to it. This thickness combined with a proper foundation can withstand pressure up to 2 tons
  • Paving blocks 6 cm thick are the best choice for a driveway leading to a garage or lining a path leading to the property. It endures pressure up to 3,5 t, so it doesn’t frighten cars or small delivery trucks.
  • Paving blocks of the thickness of 8 cm are adjusted to “special tasks”, they endure the pressure of even a dozen-ton vehicles, so they are used in parking lots and other highly exploited places.

The choice of the thickness of the cube depends on its purpose and this is what we have to be guided by when shopping.

Peter Bowers

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