Take care of your safety – what kind of fence around your house should you choose?

Nowoczesne ogrodzenie domu
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The fence, in addition to serving a decorative function, protects our privacy and secures the area around the house against possible danger. So it is worth regularly inspect the condition of the fence, check whether it is not damaged.

In case of a detached house or terraced house the fence can become an aesthetic marker of the property boundary. Currently on the market we have a wide range of different solutions – both traditional and modern – so everyone will find something that perfectly suits their needs and preferences.

What to look for when choosing the fence?

The most important factors that should guide you when choosing a fence for your plot are aesthetics and durability. In addition, before buying it is worth to find out whether the material, from which the fence is made, does not require costly or time-consuming maintenance. Another aspect is to make sure that the fence will be in harmony with our surroundings. For this purpose, it is worth to first look at the fences of neighbors and try to determine what we like and what not. You can come to the store with a photo of the area around your property. Perhaps the fence will correspond with the style or color of the facade – so that they create a coherent and aesthetically unified whole. Keep in mind that the purchase and installation of a fence requires a considerable financial outlay. For this reason, in order not to expose yourself to unnecessary expenses, it is worth spending enough time to choose the best solution. A big facilitation, which can be used, is watching and comparing the offers of various construction stores on the Internet

Availability of various materials

The fence provides adequate protection against uninvited guests. In addition, it also affects the overall aesthetics of the property and is an important architectural element. With so many materials available, it is worth thinking about which is best to choose. Both the span, wall and panels have their staunch supporters. The most popular are still metal and wooden spans based on brick or concrete foundation. They have a function mainly decorative and provide privacy. Modern metal fences wrought or in the form of mesh are very durable and available in various options. A wall without translucent spans can look too heavy, plus it does a disservice to the plants along the fence where it casts shade. For this reason, stone, concrete or ceramic should be combined with lighter materials such as wood or metal. Before making a final decision it is good to make sure that the local zoning plans do not include any special regulations or guidelines on the height, type and style of the property’s fence. This is especially important in case of historic buildings or municipalities that actively care about maintaining a consistent, traditional image. Then it may turn out that there is no possibility to use just such a building material as we originally wanted.

How can a landscape architect help?

The fence should match the style and mass of the building. Different fence will look good on a small villa or manor house, and quite different on a modern single-family house. It is worth to take into account the nature of the garden, the type of elevation and the overall environment. In case the decision seems too difficult or you have concerns that in a few years the fence may look bad, you can use the help of a landscape architect. This person will quickly make sure of all the formalities and advise the best solution, tailored to our preferences. He will also take into account the neighborhood in which we live. A fence can dampen noise coming from a busy street near your house and also protect you from flying dust. If you border a forest, the architect will help you choose a type of material that will be durable and at the same time will not obscure the beautiful panorama. The fence does not have to be uniform. Often the best solution is to build one representative brick side, and surround the rest of the sides of the plot only with a fence. A massive surrounding of the property could give the impression of a fortress, and so it gains lightness.

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