Steel or PVC gutters, which to choose?

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Gutter systems are an important part of every building. With well-fitted gutters, rainwater flowing from the roof will not overflow onto the ground around the building causing waterlogging or stains on the facade. Gutters can be made of different materials, but the most common is plastic or coated steel sheet. What are the differences and which to choose? We invite you to a brief review of two types of gutters.

Gutters made of plastic

When choosing gutters you need to be aware that this is a purchase for the next few decades. During this time they will be exposed to the weather, so it is important to choose the right material. Plastic gutters, i.e. PVC gutters are by far the most popular type mainly due to their durability and price. Plastic gutters have many advantages, first of all they are very light and easy to install. The material from which they are made is dyed polyvinyl chloride, so they do not require maintenance and minor scratches are virtually invisible. They have a very smooth structure, thanks to which they drain water quickly and dirt inside is more difficult to settle.

Metal gutters

Gutters made of steel sheet are certainly more durable but also more expensive than those made of plastic. They have a layered structure, which means that they are covered with several layers of protection against external factors, including a layer of zinc. The last layer is the color of the gutter, also protecting against high temperature. When buying it is worth paying attention to the thickness of the core and protective coatings, the thicker the better. Gutters made of steel have a very good stiffness, are resistant to deformation and impact. Properly installed can serve for many years.

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