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A garage made of composite panels provides optimal protection against adverse weather conditions and is easy to build. How much does it cost to build a garage made of so-called sandwich panels?

Modular garage made of composite panel – advantages

Why is it worth to invest in sandwich panel garage? In contrast to classic “tin”, which we can see on many private properties, garage made of obornicka board is a very good protection against low temperatures and is really durable. This cladding material provides decent thermal insulation (often the sandwich panels are commonly called sandwich panels, which is a reference to their profile). Construction of a sandwich panel garage is quick, and importantly, we do not need to apply for any permits to erect the structure on the property (if its area does not exceed 35m2). Another advantage of a garage made of a composite panel is that there is no need to pour foundations, which significantly reduces the time of work. We can place the structure directly on the ground (e.g. on a concrete floor or paving stones).

Modular garage made of composite panel – practical information

Normally, insulated garages are built of 8cm-thick corkboard. Even better insulation will be provided by the building of 12 cm thick boards. A garage made of ready-made elements, which also include garage doors and gates, is not complicated to assemble. The building from ready-made elements can be ordered on the basis of a project or chosen for a ready-made proposal. Smaller garages are usually transported in their entirety to the indicated address. On the other hand, larger garages (with multiple spaces) are assembled from ready-made modules on a private property.

What does a garage made of composite panels consist in?

This type of works requires a contractor to properly set walls, fix them to the base with e.g. expansion bolts and screw upper edges together. When the roof panel is installed, its edges and connection points must be finished with special flashings usually in the same color as the composite panel (some people choose contrasting connections).

How much does a ready-made sandwich panel garage cost? Approximate investment costs

Price of a modular garage made of composite panels depends on:

  • the price list of the specific manufacturer,
  • size of the object (single or double garage),
  • type of roof,
  • type of boards,
  • additional equipment (windows, doors, installation systems),
  • additional services (flashing, installation)

We can assume that the garage alone with an area of 25m2 is an expense of 20 000 – 25 000 PLN (with transport to the destination).

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