How to match the color of window frames to the facade?

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Building a house is not only about the right choice of building materials, but also about skillfully matching the colors of the facade, roof, window frames and other elements. It is the colors of the building that most affect its appearance.

The colors of a building are chosen so that they emphasize its attractiveness and harmonize with each other. They should also properly blend the house into its surroundings and be in keeping with the given architectural style. We consider not only the color of the facade, window and door woodwork or the roof, but also the finish of terraces, railings, plinths and exterior stairs. Matching the color of so many different elements is often troublesome, and in some projects it is not even addressed. We suggest how to skillfully match the color of window frames to the facade.

How to choose the color of windows to the facade of the building?

The most important rule when choosing the color of window frames should be to match the style of the facade. The colors of the window frames or frames must not “clash” with the color covering the walls of the house, as well as the finish of the roof, such as tiles, slate and sheet metal. We must also remember that the windows should color coordinate with all doors (exterior, terrace, garage).

When building a new house or carrying out a major renovation of the entire building, help in choosing the color of the window frames should be offered by the architect who was responsible for the project. However, in other cases, such as replacing old windows, we have to decide on the color of the windows ourselves. It is worth looking for inspiration on online construction and architectural websites. We may be able to find realizations similar to our project, which will make the choice easier.

When choosing the color of the window frames, let’s be guided not only by aesthetics and decorative qualities, but also by functionality. For example, if we care about a dark window color, let’s check how the immediate environment affects the appearance of the house. If you live next to a busy road and close to fields, that is, in areas where it gets very dusty, there is a risk that dark window frames will be dusty most of the time.

What window colors are currently fashionable?

When choosing the color of window frames, we can follow both the latest trends in the world of home design and interior design, and bet on classic solutions.

Among the universal window colors that have been very popular for years, we can distinguish:

  • white – white, narrow window frames will work well in those projects where brightening and sunlighting the rooms has become a priority;
  • brown – windows with wooden frames are eagerly chosen by investors who appreciate traditional designs. There are many shades of brown to choose from, lately the darker ones, such as mahogany, are fashionable.

What window colors suit modern style?

Modern style can mean not only minimalist arrangements, but also industrial, Scandinavian and even Asian. Modern construction is characterized by simple building blocks, large-format windows, facades without unnecessary ornamentation and cool or dark colors. Modern houses like to rely on black and gray window frames. Woodgrain windows in cool colors, such as bleached oak, also look good.

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