5 rules for correct roof window installation

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Installing a roof window is a bit more demanding than installing a wall window. Mistakes will be noticed sooner e.g. lack of water-tightness and water leaking into the room. What can be done to avoid such situations?

What should you follow? 5 rules for installing a roof window

  1. Roof window positioning – should be the same as for wall windows. This means that the top edge should be at 200cm, and the bottom edge 100cm above the floor. Thanks to this we will obtain good lighting of the room and the possibility of freely admiring the views.
  2. Window width vs. rafter spacing – it is most convenient to install the window when its width is about 6 cm less than the rafter spacing. There should be 3 cm on each side of the window
  3. Checking gaps – after installing the sash in the frame, you need to check if the vertical gaps are parallel along the whole length (the gaps between the sash and the frame). Then, the same procedure should be applied to horizontal joints. Further installation is carried out only when everything is aligned.
  1. Proper Window Insulation – After removing the sash from the frame, we do thermal and moisture insulation. For this we use ready-made insulation products or those offered to measure. As part of the insulation we also install a gutter that drains away moisture.
  2. Installation of flashing – choose a flashing that suits your window size and roofing material. Follow the installation instructions, where the individual elements should be numbered to make the work easier

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