What is the Delonghi Perfetto automatic coffee machine special about?

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Many of us cannot imagine starting the day without a delicious cup of coffee. Preparing it manually is often quite problematic, which is why an increasing number of consumers decide to purchase a professional automatic coffee maker, which greatly streamlines this process. What are the characteristics of Delonghi Perfetto coffee maker? Why is the device so popular? For answers to these questions, we invite you to read the following article, which will certainly dispel any doubts readers may have.

Wide selection of coffee recipes

When you buy Delonghi Perfetto automatic coffee maker, you can use 10 ready-made coffee recipes. It is up to us whether we choose a delicious Latte Macchiato or a traditional Italian Espresso. The machine will prepare coffee for us according to 10 different recipes. All you have to do is use the functional beverage menu on the clearly visible LCD display. Other possibilities include: Traditional Coffee, Long Coffee, Doppio+, Ristretto, Espresso Lungo, Cappucino, Caffelatte, Hot Milk and Flat White. The choice is so wide that everyone will find just what they are looking for.

The right brewing pressure

Wondering which coffee machine to choose? We recommend coffee machines that provide the optimum brewing pressure. This allows the bean to extract the essence of its flavour. Contrary to what you might think, even small changes can make a big difference. The right pressure ensures a rich yet intense aroma of the brew and this is very important for coffee drinks.

13-step grind adjustment

If you want your coffee to taste perfect, you need to decide on the optimum grind level for your beans. The Delonghi Perfetto has a grinder made of steel that features a 13-stage grinding adjustment. This allows the user to personalize this parameter according to their preferences. From a practical point of view, this means that we are able to brew the perfect brew regardless of which variety of coffee we decide on. Steel grinders are almost a guarantee as to the precision of adjusting the settings. It is worth noting that the machine is easy to descale, so we do not have to worry about problems with maintaining proper cleanliness.

Innovative heating system

Delonghi Perfetto is characterized by a modern heating system. As a result, the coffee is made at the ideal temperature every time, and the connoisseur can enjoy the best taste experience. Despite appearances, the brewing temperature has a huge impact on the final taste. This type of device has 2 thermoblocks – one of them is responsible for preparing coffee, while the other is recommended for heating milk. Interestingly, the machine works very quietly and it takes a relatively short period of time for the system to heat up. Thanks to this, the equipment is ready to use in no time.

Modern frothing system

Delonghi Perfetto automatic espresso machine combines advanced technological solutions with love for coffee. The device is characterized by an innovative system responsible for milk frothing. We can use two separate hydraulic systems, and the electronic control of parameters is very precise.

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