Stepped foundations. How to make them properly?

Stepped foundations. How to make them properly?
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Are you planning to build a home with a basement? Are you wondering what stepped foundations are? Do you want to know when they need to be done and also how to do it? If so, be sure to check out our guide

Together with us you will find out what are the ways to plan and build stepped foundations, as well as what will be needed. We answer the most frequently asked questions. This will help you learn how to properly perform this type of construction work, as well as what type of foundations is best to choose.

When is it worth making stepped foundations?

Stepped foundations are also known as stepped footings. This element is usually made if there is to be a basement in the building. These are foundations that are also used in other buildings. They are installed if the building stands on an elevation and the terrain is characterized by a steep slope. However, this rule applies only if the degree of slope does not exceed 30 degrees. It is worth knowing that to make a stepped foundation, high-quality materials are necessary. What can not be missing for this kind of work? You will need:

  • cement,
  • water,
  • sand,
  • shuttering boards,
  • ready-mixed concrete,
  • steel wire,
  • rebar.

Additionally, you will need equipment and tools such as:

  • shovel,
  • level,
  • vibrator,
  • compactor,
  • pliers,
  • bender.

Having all these devices and parts, you can proceed to the next plugs.

How to plan and execute stepped foundations?

It is worth knowing that stepped foundations are usually made in the formwork. Some specialists install them directly in the ground. Extremely important is the level of slope, which must be matched to the building and the size of the plot. It also matters what kind of concrete the foundations are made of. It is best to choose the high quality one to be sure that it will not crack. Before building foundations it is worth to get acquainted with the technical design of the plot. Thanks to this you can easily determine at what depth the stepped footings can be placed. This has an impact on their quality and durability.

Reinforcement of stepped foundations – what is worth knowing about it?

Before we determine how reinforcements should be made, it is worth emphasizing what they are in general. Reinforcement is a structure that usually consists of four bars. All the bars are connected to each other. It is necessary to adjust the size of the bars to the type of slope of the stepped footings. It is worth knowing that the connection of bars in the armament can be done in two different ways. The first is to connect rods with successive rods, which can be bent at the appropriate angle. The second way is to bend the ends of the bars in such a way that they hook over each other. When they are ready, you can move on to connecting them. This can be done with knotted wire.

Types of stepped foundations

Today, in modern construction, a stepped foundation is associated with footings that are directed into the ground. However, until recently, stepped footings were known for their sectional shape. All the elements of this type of reinforcement were made of high quality concrete. However, it is worth knowing that reinforcement is not all that needs to be done for such construction. It is also necessary to insulate stepped foundations and then waterproof the foundation. The next steps are drainage and bricklaying. All these works are quite complicated, and one mistake can make the durability of this structure low. So, if you have no idea about how to do it properly, it is better to rely on professionals.

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Knowing a little bit more about how stepped foundations are made, when they need to be made, as well as what materials and tools should be prepared for this, you can easily determine on your own whether building them is a good idea. In addition, you can determine whether it is possible to work on your own, or whether it is necessary to hire a specialist

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