What should the bedding for a baby be like?

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Soft bedding, nice to the touch sheet, comfortable pillow… All these have a huge impact on the quality and comfort of sleep. It is extremely important, especially in case of children. So we suggest what bedclothes to choose for your baby

The smaller the child, the more sleep it needs. And you can provide him with proper quality of sleep and colourful dreams by choosing appropriate bedclothes. We suggest how to do it.

Bedding for the youngest children

For the youngest babies the best choice will be practical and lovely baby cones and swaddling blankets. However, remember to choose a product made of the highest quality materials – flat cotton or so-called Minky fabric. Thanks to them you can safely and comfortably wrap the baby, and unfolded cones can be used as a nice blanket or a soft play mat.

Baby bedding sets

For slightly older children the best bedding sets will consist of such elements as pillowcase, comforter cover and a sheet, preferably a sheet with elastic band which will not slip from the bed. In case of bedding for the youngest, it is very important to choose the right material. The best choice for kids will be natural cotton bedclothes, made of soft and airy microfiber, or Minky, i.e. a fabric created from the latest generation of polyester fibres, which is extremely pleasant to touch and soft.

In case of bedclothes its size is also important- we don’t want the bedclothes for a baby to be too small or too big. For children up to 5 years old a comforter in size 60 × 120 cm or 100 × 135 will be suitable. Such a small set will surely satisfy all child’s needs. For slightly older children, aged from 5 to 10 years old, a duvet 140 x 200 cm will be the best, whereas children and teenagers over 10 years old will need a slightly bigger set in the size 160 x 200 cm. In case of older children it is also worth to take into account their height, as it can change dramatically at this age

Which comforter and pillow should I choose?

Apart from bedding it is very important what will be inside it. The most popular choices are down comforters and pillows. There is a good reason for that: down duvets and pillows have good heating properties and are pleasant to the skin. You will find many different models of down comforters on sale, such as summer comforters, winter comforters and practical year-round models

Wool comforters, made from Australian merino wool, sheep’s wool or camel’s wool, are also a good option for children. It is pleasant to the touch, fluffy and resistant to deformation, moreover, thanks to adequate air circulation, it is a year-round model. A good quality wool comforter will ensure healthy sleep and regeneration of the body, and in addition will be suitable for children suffering from allergies to dust mites

You should also consider an anti-allergy comforter, which will be the safest solution for children with many allergies or dermatological problems. They guarantee proper ventilation, as they are well permeable to air, have thermoregulatory properties and are pleasant to the touch

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