What is worth knowing about satin bedding?

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Satin bedding in a bedroom adds elegance and a sense of luxury to it. However, satin is different from regular cotton, bark or other fabrics from which bedding is usually sewn. You have to take care of it properly and use it in a proper way to make it last for years. See what you should know about satin bedding

Satin – what kind of material is it?

Real satin is a fabric made of 100% natural materials and does not contain any synthetic admixtures. It can be made of silk fibers, then it is silk satin, or cotton fibers – cotton satin. You can, admittedly, come across the term polyester satin, but this is only a trick of manufacturers. Plastic fabric is of much lower quality and turns out to be less durable than its natural counterparts

Silk satin is a very expensive material, which makes it rarely used and serves rather as a decorative insert. Silk requires silk worm yarn to produce, which makes the material non-vegan. Cotton satin is usually used to make bedding, which is an excellent choice for vegans who value quality. Cotton satin differs from regular cotton in that it is much smoother and has a shiny surface, which gives a much more aesthetically pleasing finish. Satin is also more durable than regular cotton fabric.

What to pay attention to when buying satin bedding?

When choosing satin cotton bedding, it is worth looking at the quality of its workmanship. The best satin fabrics are lightweight and breathable, making for a more comfortable sleep. Lower quality sheets will contain admixtures of synthetics, making them no longer true satin.

This fabric is not one of the cheapest, but it is not worth saving here, because you may be bitterly disappointed. Inferior workmanship makes it possible for it to get ripped quickly, the seams may split in the wash and the material will lose its characteristic shine. It also translates into less breathability of the material, so the bedding will easily heat up and your skin will sweat under the artificial material.

Good quality satin bedding is distinguished by its durability. Despite the softness of the material, the tight weave makes it durable. Good quality satin bedding is also characterized by high resistance to abrasion of the patterns applied on them or the materials themselves. You can find beautiful beddings in various patterns on the website https://www.lozkoholicy.pl/pol_m_Salon-i-Sypialnia_Komplety-poscieli_Posciel-satyna-bawelniana-1573.html

How to wash satin bedding?

If bed linen is not washed properly it may get damaged. It is best to wash such bedding by hand, because such washing is the most delicate. When choosing program in your washing machine, choose delicate mode, dedicated to satin, silk and lace. The temperature should be low and detergents should be delicate and natural. Too strong washing detergents may cause the fabric to fade, whereas too strong washing mode may damage its structure and negatively influence the fabric durability

Do not spin wash your sheets. Gently squeeze water out of the fabric, lay it on a flat surface near a heat source and dry it in such a way. This will ensure that your satin bedding doesn’t get damaged, stretched and will serve you for many years.

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