What for the wall above the kitchen countertop?

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The walls above kitchen countertops are constantly exposed to steam, moisture, grease deposits and other dirt. For this reason, we should ensure that the space above the furniture is finished with functional materials that are easy to keep clean.

The material with which we finish the kitchen walls should be chosen according to the style in which we want to decorate the room. Warm interior design will be emphasized by wood, tiles and red brick. If you like industrial and loft style, you can opt for glass, concrete or blackboard paint. On the other hand, mosaics and granite will work well in an elegant kitchen. An important criterion when choosing a material for walls in the kitchen is certainly its functionality, but also our budget. Let’s choose materials that are durable, resistant to dirt and easy to clean. It is worth remembering that cheaper solutions do not necessarily have to be less effective.

Wall tiles

Tiles are one of the most frequently chosen solutions when decorating kitchen rooms. They come in many colors, sizes and are made of different materials, so we have almost unlimited design possibilities. The most preferred choice is ceramic tiles, which are distinguished by their durability and resistance to the demanding conditions in the kitchen. In addition to ceramic tiles, we can also choose from:

  • clinker,
  • glass,
  • metal,
  • of plastic,
  • of wood or wood-based materials,
  • stone or imitation stone.

Metal tiles will be a good alternative to sheet metal purchased in sheets, as they are easier to lay and look more decorative, especially in modern and industrial interiors. Tiles made of natural stone or masses resembling natural concrete or brick will also work well in such arrangements.

If we dream of a rustic kitchen, we can be tempted by wooden tiles or panels, which look elegant and add coziness to the room. However, we must remember that they require proper impregnation, maintenance and care.

Countertop panels

Laminated countertop panels, which can imitate a wooden or marble countertop, are also popular. They are most often made of 8 mm thick particleboard and covered with laminate, so they stand out for their resistance to heat, abrasion, scratches and moisture. They come in many colors, so we can easily match them to our arrangement. Interestingly, we can opt for double-sided panels, which allow an express metamorphosis of the kitchen. The disadvantage of countertop panels is the need to clean them regularly. It is recommended to wash them immediately after preparing meals.


We can also cover the walls above the kitchen countertops with wallpaper. Today’s wallpapers are distinguished not only by striking patterns and a wide range of colors, but, above all, by good parameters, for example, resistance to dirt and abrasion. In the kitchen, vinyl wallpapers on a fiseline or fiberglass backing will work best. They are resistant to heat and stains, in addition to being easy to clean.

Among the advantages of wallpaper are the low price and ease of installation. This material will effectively cover any imperfections on uneven walls. Improperly selected wallpaper will quickly discolor and deteriorate, so we must choose it carefully.

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