What are the characteristics of the rustic style?

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Naturalness and coziness of our home is often something we strive for in our interior design. If you want your home to be characterized by simplicity, warmth and naturalness, then rustic style is the perfect choice for you. Find out what exactly characterizes the rustic style and how to decorate your home or apartment in this style

What is the rustic style?

We often come across the term rustic style, but what exactly does it mean? It is nothing else, as the interior decor characterized by simplicity, elegance, warmth and naturalness

It can be said that houses and apartments decorated in a rustic style are reminiscent of idyllic cottages in the countryside known from fairy tales and folk stories. This is an unusual style, one hundred percent reflecting the idea of home. It is dominated by bright and warm colors and natural materials, especially wood and brick. Linen and cotton textiles and handicrafts often appear in it as well. There is no place for modern accessories, unusual shapes or random decorations

And where does this style come from? Its name comes from the French word “rustique”, which means countryside, field, folk. The dominance of rustic interior design in apartments and homes began in America in the late 19th century. People loved it then (and love it to this day) for its simplicity, unforced elegance and naturalness.

Interiors in rustic style

You already know what exactly characterizes the rustic style and where it comes from, but how to introduce it to your interior? We suggest how you can decorate your bedroom, living room and kitchen in rustic style.

Rustic bedroom

Bedroom, by definition, should be a cozy, moody and intimate place. First of all, start the arrangement by choosing a comfortable bed. Choose one with wooden finish and high legs. Elegant chests placed next to the bed will also look great as storage space.

Try some natural folk decorations like hand-knitted bedspreads or linen curtains in the windows. Lusatian, Kashubian or highlander patterns are also welcome here. A brilliant addition will also be a soft and very cozy carpet reminiscent of sheepskin.

Rustic living room

Rustic style will also work brilliantly in living rooms, especially those with a fireplace. Bet primarily on wooden furniture with clearly visible natural grain. It is also worth investing in an old, but extremely elegant sofa, which will beautifully emphasize the character of the interior.

Rustic living rooms often draw from small manor houses, so this is the kind of furniture you should look for. Try to get the right accessories as well. As in the bedroom, for example, rustic wall lamps and folk references will work great.

Rustic kitchen

The warmth of the home is the basis of the rustic style. And what could be more associated with such home warmth than the kitchen? So if you want your kitchen to have a rustic feel, go for light and natural colors and classic wooden furniture. Don’t forget about wooden kitchen utensils that also serve as decorations and delicate curtains with folk patterns. Various herbs and flowers set on the kitchen counter will also look lovely.

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