Paintings, posters, stickers – check why you should decorate your walls with them

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There are many inspirations and ideas for wall decorations. A beautifully exposed picture or a poster can be a hero, which will draw attention from the threshold or, if framed in a subtle way, perfectly emphasize the atmosphere of the room. It all depends on the effect we want to achieve

Proper placement

Regardless of whether we want to decorate the wall with graphics or photos, we should start the metamorphosis first of all from proper placement. This will help us avoid mistakes and disappointment. Paintings or posters in frames, before hanging, should be spread out on the floor, in the configuration in which we would like to hang them on the wall. This way we can correct the distances, swap positions and check which arrangement looks best to us. It is definitely worth taking a moment and making a trial arrangement before drilling more holes in the wall in the wrong place.

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Paintings on canvas are still an ideal way to decorate a wall in a living room or bedroom. Regardless of the style that dominates the interior, with the current range we can easily match the motif to the decor. Canvas will look just as good in a classic interior as it will in a modern one, provided that we decide on a motif that will relate to the whole. A canvas painting is a great idea to arrange an empty wall above the sofa. Nowadays we can order a canvas in any style. It can be a ready-made painting, chosen from the store’s offer, in a size suitable for us or an individually ordered painting, which will be printed from a photo. Thanks to high quality digital prints, on canvas called canvas, we can transfer any motif to the painting. It can be a photo from our vacation or an important family event, it can be a graphic or a reproduction of a painting by your favorite artist. There are many possibilities, the condition is a photo or graphic in high resolution. What is important, this form allows you to perfectly match the image to the room not only in style, but also in color. An interesting and well-chosen painting will transform our living room, bedroom and child’s room. It’s a perfect way to arrange an empty, large wall and warm up the interior.


Posters in frames have become very popular recently. This is a very simple and quick way to arrange your interior. Especially if we decorate a rented apartment or a child’s room, who will grow out of fairy tale motifs in a moment. Here, too, there are many possibilities. For a colorfully matched frame, we can order a poster print with any motif, slogan or sentence, which will be easily replaced in time. This is a great way to quickly metamorphose your home at a low cost. Posters on the wall will gracefully break monochrome and minimalist interiors or emphasize the dynamism of the retro style. They look best when accompanied, preferably by several frames of different sizes next to each other. They will also look great in a teenager’s room stuck with a decorative tape


This method of decoration is most often used in children’s rooms. Stickers on the wall are a quick and effective idea for interior decoration, but also a great way to refresh an old door or closet. Over time, the door can become damaged and chipped, which looks unsightly or its color is simply boring. Then the ideal solution is to stick on them self adhesive door veneer with a printout. The motive of the print we choose depending on our preferences. It can be a graphic, a photo or a motif that appears in the interior and will perfectly correspond with the changed door. In addition to lower costs than replacing the door, the advantage of stickers is both quick installation and easy removal, which is why they are so often used in interiors

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