Can wall sconces be converted into standard wall lamps?

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One of the frequently raised questions is whether wall sconces can be converted into standard wall lamps. Users usually want to move the on/off button from the article’s housing level to a regular wall switch, which is located, for example, at the entrance door to the room. Is it possible to do this? How to do it? 

Installation in the wall versus wall sconce – can they be combined?

Wall sconces can cause a lot of problems, mainly of an aesthetic nature and concerning the comfortable use of the room. This is due to the need for direct connection to a contact. 

Cables can impede the use of the living room, for example, and negatively affect the appearance of the room. It is difficult to find examples where cables on top are an asset to the interior design. In such a situation, users of a particular space want to convert wall sconces into ordinary wall lamps. Fortunately, this is possible.

Conversion of wall sconces to ordinary wall lamps – how to do it?

Connecting wall sconces is not difficult. It is enough to find the wires under the housing, disconnect the wire that leads to the switch from the cube, and then run the cable coming out of the wall there.

Wall sconces with a built-in LED module may have slightly different requirements. Because LEDs operate on reduced voltage, you may need to use a power supply. In this situation, it is sometimes necessary to add a transformer in the wall or make major modifications with the help of an electrician.

Can the installation be done by yourself?

The whole procedure is more advanced if you are working on an old installation. In the so-called candlestick switches, there can be a problem in determining which wires feed the phase when the switch is turned on and where the N is.

While the conversion of wall sconces to ordinary wall lamps in most cases is as possible, the safest solution is to ask for help from an experienced electrician. Especially if the connection of the wall sconce to the system runs in a room such as a bathroom.

Connecting a wall sconce to the wall installation

You can also choose to buy a wall sconce that is designed for wall installation. For installation you will need tools such as a voltage tester, screwdriver, pliers, screws and dowels, a screwdriver and an impact drill (optional).

The first step is to turn off the fuses, and then check the voltage again with the tester. This will make sure that current does not flow through the phase wires. Next – after measuring the place from the floor with a yardstick – you need to attach the mounting plate.

The next steps involve connecting the wires to the electrical cube. This is a small piece made of plastic, with which you connect two electrical wires. The cube has two or three holes for wires – phase L in black or brown and neutral N in blue. There may also be a green/yellow PE protective wire. The cables need to be inserted into the cube and the screws tightened.

At the very end, mount the lamp on the previously made holes and hide the wires. The last step is to screw in the bulb, turn on the fuses and check the effects of the work when the lamp is turned on.

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