Lighting a studio apartment – what are the best solutions?

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With the right arrangement of lighting you can diversify and optically enlarge a small studio apartment. Decide on the number of light sources in the apartment, their location, and also choose the appropriate form and design of lamps.

Lighting can be helpful in dividing a small apartment into zones. After all, a studio is a bedroom, an office, a dining room, a kitchen and a recreation room at the same time – each of these areas has different functions and requires different lighting.

The advantages of natural light

To fully exploit the potential of the room, it is worth paying attention to the access to natural light. It’s the healthiest for your eyes, improves your mood and affects the production of vitamin D in your body. Make sure you don’t limit your access to light with heavy curtains or unfavorable furniture placement.

Home office

If you regularly work from home, try to separate an area for office work. It is worth investing in zone lighting – an additional table or floor lamp, which will have a positive influence on your concentration and make your work easier. A lamp with adjustable light intensity hanging over the table will also work well for lighting the office corner.

Bedroom in a studio apartment

It is worth to treat a bed as a relaxation zone and install a soft and warm light near it, so that it is conducive to reading and at the same time is not too obtrusive and tiring for the eyes. A good solution in this role are discreet wall lamps or bedside lamps with a lampshade, which will help to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. A great advantage of wall lamps is that they allow you to save space in the bedroom. When choosing lighting for the rest area, also consider soft lines and round forms of lamps – lower light intensity and warm white color will help create a cozy mood.

Kitchen, dining room and home cinema in one

A form of lighting that will work well in the living room and kitchen are glowing LED strips and strips. They are small and easy to install, and at the same time energy efficient. You can cut them to size and control them with your phone. Accents of light placed in strategic locations such as over countertops and cabinets can be useful when preparing meals, and also serve as a discreet lighting during the movie. You can use led tapes to decorate walls, alcoves, glass elements, stairs, railings and shelves. There are different types of led lights available on the market. The most popular are in white – warm, neutral and cold, but they also come in red, blue and green. Due to their compact size, they can be integrated into the space of the apartment so that they become unnoticeable. You can find a wide selection of LED strips here:


Ceiling lamps work best as the main light in the corridor. If we install in it a few smaller ceiling lamps in a row, it will allow you to optically extend the hallway. Led tapes placed on the ceiling can also be a good idea.

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