How do I humidify the air in my home?

How do I humidify the air in my home?
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Dry air in the home is most common during the heating season and in the heat of summer. This is a big problem for allergy sufferers. How can dry air in the home be humidified?

What impact does dry air have on health?

Dry air affects not only the comfort of the home, but also the health of the occupants. The optimal indoor temperature should be around 23 degrees Celsius with a humidity of 40-60%

Too dry air at home dries out the mucous membranes and causes dryness of the skin, which can lead to various allergic changes in the epidermis. Dryness of the mucous membranes mainly causes scratching in the throat, contributing to the appearance of a dry cough.

Too high temperature and low humidity can cause a cold or other infections

How can you humidify a room?

You can humidify dry air in your home in several different ways:

Cheap home remedies

One of the cheapest ways to dry air is to put a wet towel on the radiator. It seems that wet laundry will also humidify the air, and it will also dry much faster – however, this may only be a half success, as the smell of laundry often irritates the mucous membranes of the nose and throat.

Another economical home method is to place or hang a dish with water (preferably a stoneware or metal container) directly on the radiator. Unfortunately, this method is very inefficient – steaming water humidifies the air only in the vicinity of the container. A much better and slightly more expensive solution is an electric air humidifier.

Electric air humidifiers

Most electric air humidifiers have an interesting design to fit into any room they are placed in. There are various models of humidifiers on sale that differ from each other:

  • appearance,
  • the capacity of the water tank,
  • capacity,
  • other functions.
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The most practical are electric air humidifiers with built-in humidity level meter and automatic switch-on function. Some humidifiers also have air purification and ionization functions. Many models of these devices are also useful for aromatherapy.

The price of an electric air humidifier starts at 100 PLN – these are the simplest devices designed for small rooms. It is worth investing several hundred zloty for a good quality device.

Helpful potted plants

Unfortunately, it often happens that there is no possibility to open a window in the room we are staying in. How to humidify air in such a place?

The ideal solution in such a situation is to place potted plants, which are natural air humidifiers. Plants that like permanently moist substrate are best for this:

  • bosslera,
  • ivy,
  • linden,
  • fern,
  • ficus,
  • chamedora,
  • fiddlehead,
  • sansewieria.

These plants are great for humidifying the air and removing toxic compounds from the air. All plants except the fern are easy to grow at home.

Chamedora and Sansewilla can be successfully grown by forgetful people – they are flowers of the palm family, which do not require frequent watering.

Choose the shower over the tub

Skin can become dry due to too little moisture in the air, even when moisturized with the right products. Dry skin flakes, itches and is prone to irritation. It’s a good idea to take a quick shower and then “lubricate” your skin with a good quality lotion containing Shea butter, cocoa butter or vegetable oils.

Measuring the air humidity

A hygrometer costs only a dozen or so zlotys so it is worth investing in – it shows the level of air humidity in the room. For the result to be reliable, the device should be placed in an optimal location, away from heat sources.

Maintaining optimal humidity in a room is very important for the health of its inhabitants

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