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In every garden there is a relaxation area with garden furniture. Why is it worth buying wooden garden furniture?

Wooden garden furniture – timeless elegance

Good quality garden furniture is a fairly large expense, but the price should not be the deciding factor in their purchase. When choosing garden furniture should also take into account the aesthetics of performance and durability.

Advantages and disadvantages of garden furniture

Wooden furniture is very popular. The classic look of the furniture matches the style of any garden. Wooden garden furniture is very durable and resistant to damage. Another advantage is that with the help of impregnants you can quickly change their color.

Wooden furniture, despite a number of advantages, however, have two disadvantages: price and low resistance to weather conditions. The second disadvantage can be eliminated very easily by protecting the wood with impregnation.

Furniture made of domestic or exotic wood?

In stores you can find garden furniture made of domestic wood species such as pine, oak and robinia. Increasingly popular are furniture made from exotic species of wood, which are more resistant to weather conditions, such as bamboo, acacia and teff. All the advantages of exotic wood are visible in the price – such furniture is much more expensive.

How to care for wood furniture?

To make wooden furniture look beautiful for several years, it must be properly cleaned and impregnated. If there are cracks, they must be repaired and painted regularly. With these treatments, you can extend the life of the wood.

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