Winter garden on a terrace. What is worth knowing before building?

ogród zimowy na tarasie
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The classic terrace is beautiful, but you can only use it when the weather is nice. How can an ordinary terrace be transformed into a winter terrace?

Winter garden a place to relax all year round

Winter garden built on the terrace is used for relaxation, so it should have an area of about 10m2. It is worth knowing that a set of garden furniture takes up about 5m2 of space.

The conservatory can have various shapes but it should match the appearance of the house. It is best if it is situated on the south-east, east or west side. To protect against excessive sunlight, it is worth to use shading roller blinds or awnings.

Winter garden and construction law

A conservatory does not require a building permit if its area does not exceed 35m2. For each 500m2 of land you can build maximum two such objects. To build a winter garden, you must submit an application in the city hall or county office. The application should contain such information as the applicant’s data, the date of commencement of work and the scope of works and information on the form of ownership. The permit is issued on the basis of tacit consent, i.e. lack of information from the office within 30 days constitutes consent to carry out the works.

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What should you know before buying a conservatory?

The structure of the conservatory can be aluminum, steel or wood. Most often glass or polycarbonate is chosen to cover the terrace. The roof pitch should be between 20° and 24°. The most popular and the cheapest are conservatories with a monopitch roof.

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