Stylish and elegant closed-circuit garden fountains

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Garden fountains are a great way to enliven a space and give it an elegant atmosphere. Water is an element that promotes calm, relaxation and put in a great mood

If space in the garden and budget allow us, it is worth having even a small pond or pond, and the perfect complement will be a fountain. This will create a humid microclimate in the garden, which will benefit both other plants and people in it

Modern garden fountains are very easy to use and install, many people decide to install them in their garden. A fountain humming quietly in the background is a stylish addition, especially for people who appreciate the elegance and enjoyment of nature in your own garden. How to arrange a space using a fountain and other water features?

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What is the best place for a garden fountain?

Many people choose to install a fountain not far from where they often relax. This can be a terrace where there is garden furniture and a place for barbecues. Some people place such a decoration near your favorite bench, garden swing or a place where you hang a hammock in the summer. Splash and the sound of water are very relaxing and calming, so undoubtedly improve the quality of rest in nature. In addition, the streams of the fountain moisten the air around it, so that the garden becomes a cool and pleasant place for hot, sultry days. From the place we choose will depend on what type and size of fountain we can afford. If one of the household members is a dog, you should ensure that the dog does not have access to the garden ornament, which is the fountain

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The easiest way is to install a closed-circuit garden fountain. It allows you to draw water from a body of water such as a pond without having to build a special basin that supplies water. To install the fountain, the pond must be found a suitable shallow or set on a shelf at a depth of about 25 cm

How to install a garden fountain?

The installation of a garden fountain is not complicated, which is why many people rely on self-assembly in their home garden. The key to success is to install a suitable pump in the pond or on the edge of the reservoir. Then you need to connect the tips spraying water. If you want to install a fountain in a pond, you need to set the pump on the bottom and connect the nozzle to it. Otherwise you can place the nozzle outside the water level, on a designated stand, and connect it to the pump with a water hose. A very important element of any fountain is a special filter that ensures that the water is properly cleaned and does not get into it undesirable elements. You can often find models in which the filter is built into the pump. There are also sets that allow you to adjust the size of the holes. Impressive are floating fountains, which have mounted spotlights

A garden with water elements is a fantastic environment for plants to grow. Thanks to the fountain in the home garden creates a microclimate in which plants are properly sprinkled and moistened, so they grow better. A pond with a fountain also gives respite and the opportunity to cool off for birds, insects and animals, having such a decoration is an opportunity to enjoy nature

What are the advantages of a closed-circulation garden fountain?

A closed-circulation garden fountain is an excellent solution that allows much less water loss. The closed loop means that the pump reuses the same fluids that are stored in a special fountain tank. A great advantage of this type of fountain is that it significantly extends the greening process of the water due to the fact that the water is constantly in motion

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