Solar lights in the garden – ideas and arrangements

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The lighting of the garden should primarily ensure complete safety of movement in the garden after dark. This function can also be combined with decorative qualities, which will make staying in the garden more enjoyable. We suggest how to use solar lamps to create an impressive lighting arrangement in the garden

What are solar lamps and what are their advantages?

Solar lamps are models that can take many different shapes, most are offered in a form designed to be plugged into the soil. The basis of their operation is a built-in solar element that accumulates solar energy during the day, so that at night they can emit light. Choosing them, however, it is worth betting on more expensive models that offer a much longer life, so they will serve in the gardens even for several years without having to replace them

Advantages of solar lamps

The immense popularity of solar lamps in gardens is due to several main advantages that they have. Among these are

  • the absence of costs associated with the consumption of electricity, since they are powered by the sun,
  • the possibility of locating them in almost any part of the garden, without having to pay attention to the availability of electricity in it,
  • easy to move from place to place,
  • relatively low price,
  • wide range of models, colors and styles in which they are made

How to use solar lamps in the garden?

Due to their many advantages, they offer many design possibilities in gardens. Therefore, to facilitate their use in this space, below we present some ideas for arrangements using them.

Illuminated paths

Thanks to the fact that solar lamps are usually designed for installation in the ground, you can successfully use them to illuminate the paths and routes set out to move around the garden

Just place them at a certain distance from each other along the length of the path to get a muted, atmospheric effect of light coming from the side. The question of placement of lamps is arbitrary

Highlighting a flower bed

Solar lamps are also ideal for emphasizing and highlighting flower beds. Sandwiched between the emitted light will be subtle penetration of the leaves and petals of flowers, creating a somewhat mysterious and magical aura, so that being in the garden after dark will be pure pleasure

Highlighting the building

Solar lamps are great for lighting the property. Distributed at equal distances around the entire building and plugged into the lawn, for example. They will illuminate the body of the building and make it stand out against the green vegetation, making it look modern and stylish, regardless of the style in which it was made

Romantic pond

If you have a pond in your garden, solar lamps will be perfect for illuminating it! They don’t require electricity, so they can be placed even close to the edge of the pond. Thanks to this, the light emitted by them will spread effectively over the surface of the water, creating a romantic atmosphere

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Solar lamps work well wherever it is not possible to use the classic, electrically powered lighting, and they are environmentally friendly and generate almost no costs, except those associated with their purchase. The coming spring is the perfect time to create with their use of impressive lighting arrangements in gardens.

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