Shrub pruning shears. Which one to choose?

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Shears are one of the essential tools for shrub and tree care. What kind of shears to choose? What are the differences between them?

Hand pruners

With the help of hand shears you can make small corrections in cutting plants. There are two types of hand pruners: those with a straight blade and those with a corrugated edge. For small amendments and the formation of young shoots, hand pruners with a straight edge are best. Shears with a corrugated edge should be used for corrective cutting of conifers. Very practical are telescopic shears which make it easier to cut in hard-to-reach places.

Electric hedge clippers

Electric hedge trimmers are the first choice for hedge maintenance because they’re lightweight and quick to trim. Unfortunately, electric hedge trimmers have one disadvantage – they require you to be plugged in. You have to be very careful with the cable while cutting. Electric shears should not be used to cut damp or wet shrubs.

Cordless shears

Cordless hedge trimmers are safer to use than electric hedge trimmers. Thanks to the rechargeable battery they can cut bushes even in hard-to-reach places in the garden. Unfortunately, this solution also has a disadvantage – the battery life is short, max. 60 minutes, so it’s worth getting an extra battery

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Chain trimmers

Petrol shrub shears are designed for professional use. They have a built-in motor, so they can work continuously for a long time. This type of shears has several disadvantages: they are heavy, generate a lot of noise and a lot of exhaust fumes.

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