Ideas for garden lighting in summer

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When it gets warmer and summer comes, we are more likely to spend time outside on the terrace or in the garden. We must admit that evenings are especially nice, when the heat lets up and we are accompanied by a pleasant coolness. 

Every owner of a garden, regardless of its size, knows how important it is to properly light this space. Light not only creates a magical atmosphere and helps us relax, but also provides security. Here are some ideas for summer lighting arrangements in your garden.

Creating a pleasant atmosphere and ensuring safety in the garden are the basic guidelines we follow when choosing lighting for the garden. After all, it has been known for a long time that nothing is as relaxing as an evening rest after a hard day in the comfort of your own garden. Unfortunately, even in the summer, although it happens definitely later, dusk falls, and sitting in the dark is not the most pleasant. Egyptian darkness in the garden also makes it impossible to have fun during summer parties, barbecues or garden parties, which we look forward to almost all year. What’s more, even when we move on level ground, a minor accident can happen to us. That’s why we choose to illuminate our gardens to provide ambience, safety and also to highlight the beauty of our flower beds and flower beds. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of outdoor lighting on the market, and eventually, when going to the store, we do not know what to decide on. Here are some ideas for classic, eco-friendly, as well as unfussy garden lighting in the summer. 

Traditional lamps

Classics are timeless and always work, so a good and – most importantly – long-lasting option will be the installation of mast lamps or those in the form of lanterns. Admittedly, they usually require a power supply, but who doesn’t dream of a magical lantern in his own garden, which can at least for a moment transport him to Narnia? 

Garlands of lights

Various kinds of lights and lights strung, for example, by the roof of the gazebo or from tree to tree, will also work well for events and everyday life. For this purpose, those in the shape of light bulbs or with holiday themes will work great. If you want to create a magical land, you can use the lights that normally decorate your garden at Christmas and wrap them around tree trunks, for example. This will be an unconventional, but also practical decoration. 

Lanterns and lanterns 

Lanterns and lanterns are decorative and practical lighting elements that will bring brightness to your garden and allow you to create an atmosphere. You can put both ordinary candles and LED lights in them. Their glow will not be spectacular and rather require additional light sources, but after all, sometimes we can go wild and not necessarily be practical to the point of pain.

Solar lamps

This is both a practical and ecological solution. Their installation does not require electrical wires. With them we can illuminate even the farthest corners of the garden. What’s more, thanks to their mobility, you will be able to position them as needed. On a daily basis they can illuminate strategic parts of the garden, while during parties they will fill the space around the gazebo or terrace with brightness. This season, lamps in the shape of milk balls are particularly fashionable.

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