How to safely get rid of a hornet’s nest?

Jak bezpiecznie pozbyć się gniazda szerszeni?
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Hornets are the real bane of summer. Although its natural habitat is forests and fields, to our misfortune it likes to make its home near our homes. Check how to safely get rid of a hornet’s nest if it appears on your balcony or attic.

Uninvited guest

Natural habitats of hornets are deciduous forests, especially old hollows and burrows in tree roots. Due to the decreasing number of natural deciduous forests, the hornet has adapted to functioning near our homes. Removing a nest often requires the use of specialized equipment, as well as proper protection. If you decide to remove a nest yourself, it is necessary to equip yourself with protective clothing. In order to protect the face and neck area, you should have a special hat with a net. To remove a nest located in the attic or balcony, use a good quality insecticide in the form of an extinguisher or spray.

Before you remove it yourself, you need to think carefully about whether calling specialists in this area will not be a better solution, especially if you do not have adequate protection. Do not take it lightly, as stings can be dangerous to health and life.

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