What should you know before building a fireplace?

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Living room with a fireplace is a dream of many people. The smell of burning wood and the heat radiating from the hearth make autumn and winter even more charming. The possibility of warming up by the fire after returning from sledding or snowman making is a wonderful childhood memory, so home with a fireplace is associated with most of us with something beautiful and pleasant. Unfortunately, building a fireplace in the living room is not a piece of cake. See what you need to know before you start making your interior design dreams come true

Not every place is suitable

A fireplace, unless it is electric, must have an outlet through the roof, i.e. a chimney. Unfortunately, not every place is suitable for such an outlet. You will lose the least amount of space if the fireplace appears on an exterior wall, in which case the chimney will simply be drained down the facade of the building. If you build the fireplace on partition walls, you will lose a lot of space because the walls will probably have to be thickened to accommodate all the necessary ventilation ducts. The room where the fireplace will appear must also have very good air circulation so that possible smoke leakage does not become problematic. Ideally, the room should have a window, which is a rather easy requirement, since in most living rooms and dining rooms where fireplaces are built, it is possible to open a window

Good ventilation

Even if the room where you dream of having a fireplace has a window, another form of ventilation will be necessary. Unfortunately, despite the constant development of technology, there are still accidents in which smoke from the fireplace escapes, which is dangerous for the occupants of the house. Therefore, you must always take care of the cleanliness and patency of the installation. Efficient air vents are a must if you want to have a fireplace in your home. Remember that your health and safety, and that of your loved ones, is paramount and never skimp on safety precautions

Maintaining the efficiency of the chimney draught

For a fireplace to be safe and for the smoke from it to go straight up the chimney and not spread around the room, it is extremely important to have a good draught, which carries the fumes from the burning of the wood through the chimney to the outside of the building. Smoke escape is not only dangerous to human health and even life, smoke also causes unsightly dark stains on walls and ceilings and deposits on furniture. A fireplace, though beautiful, is not easy to maintain. In order not to damage the house, its walls and ceilings, you must keep the chimney clean. Regular chimney cleaning and ash removal is the bare minimum you need to do to keep the chimney flowing. Of course, the chimney draft control will take care of this for you

Building and furnishing a house is a time of big decisions which will affect the comfort of living in your new dwelling and the costs of house maintenance. If a fireplace has always been your dream, do not refrain from building it, but first think carefully about this choice. The fireplace itself is relatively easy to install, but its operation, cleaning and maintenance is a big responsibility that can not be neglected. In addition, you need to add the cost of fuel and the services of professionals, including a chimney sweep

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