How to decorate your balcony?

aranżacja balkonu
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Beautiful, spacious terraces decorated with climbing green vegetation, romantic lighting and lounge furniture, which give the opportunity to relax after a hard day, is a dream for everyone. But what if we have a much smaller area at our disposal, which is the balcony? As it turns out, also on such a surface you can conjure up a space that will become a great place to spend free time.

Furniture for balconies

Unlike terraces, large garden furniture such as sofas and chaise longues will not work on balconies. This doesn’t mean, however, that we have to give up furniture altogether. Simply adapt them to the size of your balcony. In the case of small areas folding chairs and tables, which can be easily folded and placed against the wall when not in use, will work perfectly. The role of balcony furniture, or rather seats, will also work well with all kinds of cushions. When choosing such a solution, remember to go for waterproof models so that you don’t have to take them with you every time the weather changes and wipe them down after a rain shower to be able to use them again

Make the most of available space

Small balconies, which are characteristic of many multifamily buildings, usually have the fact that their construction makes it difficult to efficiently and maximally use their total space. In this case, the solution turns out to be all kinds of shelves or shelves that can be placed in a seemingly useless corner, or, if there is such a possibility, attach them to the wall. They will allow you to find additional space, for example, for plants, saving some valuable space on the flat surface. Also very fashionable in recent times are racks made on the model of ladders, which bring a rustic character to the balcony

Staying with plants, another method that allows you to use them without losing usable space is to attach them with specialized hooks to the balcony ceiling above. In the role of suspended plant cascades such flowers as ivy, petunias or surfinias, which for years have enjoyed great popularity when it comes to balcony arrangements, work great. On the other hand, when mounting flowers on balcony railings, it’s best to place them so that the pots are on the outside of the railings. This will save some space. For this purpose, it turns out to be very useful specialized hooks that support the pots. Fortunately, these can be bought in almost every garden store

Provide privacy and atmospheric lighting

Very often balconies in blocks of flats or multi-family buildings overlook the street or a common area. Therefore, it is worth taking care of your privacy so that prying eyes do not disturb our rest outdoors. A great idea turns out to be the use of all kinds of covers mounted on the railings. Depending on the style in which the balcony was decorated we can bet on:

  • covers made of natural materials, such as reeds or small twigs, which are perfect for balconies in boho and rustic style,
  • covers made of fabrics will go great if they are chosen in the same color as other textiles on the balcony

In addition, when arranging a balcony, you should also remember about proper lighting, which will provide us with candles in lanterns or battery-powered lamps attached to the backs of seats or railings. In the evening they will soothe our senses and allow us to calm down. When choosing lighting for the balcony, it is best to bet on the one with a warm color, which in contrast to bright or white light, has a soothing effect on our body

Even the smallest balcony can be arranged so that it turns into an oasis for relaxation in the fresh air. All it takes is a little ingenuity and well-chosen design elements to make the whole thing look like something out of an interior design catalog.

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