How to choose the right balcony railing?

metalowa balustrada balkonowa
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Balustrade is a very important element of finishing the balcony. Not only that it provides safety, but also has an impact on the appearance of the entire house.

Balcony balustrade should constitute a whole composition with the facade of the building, but it is worth keeping the balance between decorative and functional. Its task is to shield the space on the terrace and guarantee more privacy. In this article we present how to choose the right type for your home, so that it meets all expectations.

How to adjust the balustrade to the shape of the balcony?

The main task of the balustrade is to ensure the safety of the person using the balcony. Balustrades are an integral structural element not only of terraces, but also stairs (internal and external) and flat roofs. They protect against accidents, and also have a positive effect on the aesthetics of the building. The construction of railings is defined in detail in the regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure. Adherence to these rules is particularly important in the case of larger buildings, such as hotels or restaurants. The most popular types of balustrades include brick and metal – richly decorated forged balustrades. More and more often we can also meet with natural wood or modern arrangements with glass. The first and probably most important aspect to consider when choosing a balustrade is the shape of the balcony. For rounded or semicircular balconies, balustrades with vertical balusters will fit perfectly. It is worth remembering that they can be made in different styles, so that the whole matches the facade of the house.

Choosing the right material for the balustrade

The material chosen for the construction of the balustrade should correspond to the style of the entire building and the immediate surroundings. It will ensure a coherent composition with the surrounding landscape, while giving the house an interesting character. Properties built in a classic style look great with equally simple, modest balconies. If there are no massive eaves or other eye-catching elements in the façade, the balustrade should be as neutral as possible. In this case, clear or milk glass, steel and cast iron will work well. You can also choose balustrades of combined materials, such as steel and glass, which will give the balcony a more modern character. Wooden balustrades will suit buildings surrounded by nature. It is worth paying attention to the color of the wood – the balcony should not be too much contrast, because it will give an overwhelming impression in relation to the rest of the block. For example, if the facade is covered with beige plaster, then you can use ash balustrade. In the case of wood, you need to remember about regular impregnation. Depending on the taste of the owners, the balustrade can have a simple or very fancy form, rich in ornamentation – it will look especially beautiful in combination with decorative shutters or a carved porch

Stylish balustrade – what to keep in mind?

If you have a heavily overhanging balcony that lacks support, interior designers advise using balustrades that are lighter in appearance. Great will be those made of steel, glass or decorative cast iron elements. The exact place of attachment of the balustrade should depend on the width of the balcony. In the case of terraces with a smaller area it is worth to move the balustrade to the edge of the tiles, because it will visually enlarge the space. The only limitation may be the structural columns, which can block the possibility of placing the balustrade. If we have difficulty in matching the right material and form on our own, it is a good idea to consult an architect. He will help to balance safety with aesthetic finish. He will adjust the balustrade, its color and form, so it will go well with the facade, creating a coherent composition with the whole house.

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