Advantages and disadvantages of large glazing in the home

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According to the building plan, the glazing in the house cannot be less than 1/8 of the wall. As for rooms such as the boiler room or the bathroom, windows should occupy at least 1/12 of the wall. In addition to the top-down guidelines set by construction law, there are also aesthetic and architectural issues. Let’s check what are the advantages of large glazing and when it is worth choosing smaller windows

Advantages of large glazing in the house

Large glazing in the house have many advantages. First of all, thanks to them more natural sunlight falls into the room, which positively affects our mood. In addition, we do not need to install many lamps, because even in the evening, especially in summer, the interior is well lit. Moreover, if large glazing is used where the walls face the terrace, we can take advantage of a beautiful view of our garden. This will give us a sense of tranquility and the natural, green elements of nature will certainly give us a lot of satisfaction.

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Disadvantages of large glazing in the house

Unfortunately, large glazings have both their good and bad sides. First of all, they make more sunlight come in, which can be quite problematic with windows facing south and southwest. In this case we can feel the sun more strongly during hot summers. Special blackout blinds can be very useful. A good solution is to use double blinds – external ones that completely black out the glazing and internal day-night blinds that can be adjusted independently. It is especially useful when we decide to place a TV set or an office in a room with large windows. Adjustment of the roller blinds will help us reduce the amount of sunlight coming through the glazing.

It should also be remembered that the more glazing is used in a given room, the lower the thermal insulation value. In the case of large windows it may be even five times lower than in smaller glazings. A good solution may be to choose windows that will have a reinforced sheet of glass with a similar thermal insulation as the brick partition. You should order a professional team to install such windows. Incorrectly mounted window frames can create so-called thermal bridges, which reduce insulation and make the heat escape from the room. With large glazing you should buy windows that have very thick glazing. It is also worth thinking about the protection of door frames, so as not to lose valuable heat. Most often frames are sealed with polyurethane foam, which is flexible and adheres well to the frames. In the installation of windows you should bet on a proven team, which will advise us on what windows we can choose for the room. Besides, large glazing may also involve a larger area for cleaning. Fortunately, there are appropriate window cleaners available on the market, which will make glass cleaning much easier.

In which rooms is it worth betting on large glazing?

A good solution is to place large glazing in the living room, where the windows will overlook the terrace. You can also use sliding patio doors with glazing to replace our traditional swinging patio doors. This is a great choice especially if you have a large terrace. Large glazings can also be used for roof windows. However, in this case it is worth investing in shading roller blinds and good insulation of door frames. The use of large windows requires us to buy an additional seal, which will protect us from the escape of heat from the room. It is also important to use a filter, which stops dust and prevents insects from entering the room. You can clean it yourself with a vacuum cleaner.

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