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We hear about self storage more and more often. It is a service which has been known abroad for many years, but it is gaining more and more supporters in Poland as well. We are more and more inclined to choose a solution which is not only comfortable but also proven. It can be useful among others for people who have decided to live on a small area.

Why do we willingly choose a small-size apartment?

Many young people (but not only) decide to live on a small area. Micro-apartments, in which we live individually or in pairs, are becoming more and more popular. They offer high standard but the amount of space available is not large. Why do we make such decisions?

Mainly it has to do with the desire to live in the center of a large city. Here the prices per square meter are unfortunately very high. However we want to save time and not commute to work from outside the city limits. We prefer smaller space, but more time to relax with friends and family. Increasingly, we also notice that we do not need many things to be happy. If we want, we can be minimalists. But does it always work this way?

What about excess stuff?

Minimalism is not easy and often comes to us with time. It can be stubborn especially when we want to try new things and have many passions. Not all items can be rented and sometimes this way is not profitable for us. We buy many more things that we need, but we use them from time to time, and yet they constantly occupy the available free space. The square footage of a small apartment is further reduced by the increasing amount of things. If we don’t have a basement, it can become even more overwhelming. However, there is a solution that has already been tested abroad. It is, of course, self storage. Maybe it is worth choosing storage rooms, which give us the opportunity to rent a space of our choice?

When is self storage perfect?

Self storage rooms are really perfect for such situations, when we simply need to store our belongings for a certain period of time. An example would be winter sports equipment, which we usually use only occasionally. On a daily basis, it is simply an overabundance of things lingering in our closets and hallways. So instead of tripping over skis or helmets, we can find storage space for rent

Using self storage, we do not have to worry about constant tidying, because what takes up space in our apartment or house, we can quickly and easily transport to a rented box.

Self storage solutions in Poland

In Poland, consumers like to choose rooms for rent available from Less Mess Storage – The rooms can be of various sizes to suit our needs (from 1m3 to 35m2 depending on location). All you have to do is find a location that suits you and then ask for a quote or check the price on the Less Mess price list – where you can also make a free online booking. There are branches of Less Mess in the biggest cities in Poland: in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Tricity and Poznan and in the Czech Republic – in Prague. We have access to our things at any time and on any day of the week. We do not have to worry about them, because they remain safe and no one except us will have access to them. We can get to the room using an individual access code, it is also locked with a padlock, which is the property of the client. The area of the building is constantly monitored. With time, we can accumulate even more things, which we also do not have to worry about, because the contracts at Less Mess are very flexible – we can change the size of the room at any time – depending on the availability of sizes. Regardless of whether we want to rent a box for 7 days or for an indefinite period of time – Less Mess will definitely make it easier to organize the space in a small apartment.

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