Shower enclosure – which one to buy?

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A good shower enclosure provides household members with a pleasant, comfortable bath, but it also fits perfectly with the bathroom décor. A hot shower is appreciated after a cold, gloomy day, while a cold one brings instant relief and relaxation when the weather is hot. The benefits of a shower are easy to see. However, when we are faced with the final choice of a shower enclosure, a lot of doubts arise. Let’s try to dispel them today!

1. Shower enclosure or bathtub?

2. Types of shower cabins

3. Glass, plastic or maybe conglomerate? What material to choose?

4. Choose the right shower enclosure for your needs

5. How much does a shower enclosure cost?

Properly selected shower enclosure is not only the appearance and comfort. The right purchase will help us maintain cleanliness in the bathroom. Only thanks to him we will not flood the entire room when using the cabin. So what is worth knowing before we go shopping or start looking on the Internet?

1. Shower enclosure or bathtub?

Many people, arranging the bathroom, face one important dilemma: a shower cubicle or a bathtub?

Shower cabins are a good solution especially in small spaces, when we lack space in the bathroom. However, it is worth to decide on the shower cabin also when we care about saving time (thanks to the cabin we can take a quick shower, which will take us literally a moment and provide the feeling of comfort), but also about saving water. During a bathtub we usually use about 150 liters of water, while for a few minutes shower – about 100 liters

A shower is also a great convenience for the elderly, the disabled and children. It is also worth remembering other valuable aspects – a shower facilitates depilation, peeling, shampooing and many other treatments that we regularly repeat. What’s more, it dries the skin less, which will certainly be appreciated by people who struggle with this problem.

In the case of a shower cubicle, it is much easier for us to take care of cleanliness – both inside the cubicle and next to it. On the other hand, a shower enclosure is certainly not a solution for lovers of long lounging in a hot bath.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, you can opt for a solution that combines the functions of a bathtub and a shower. This can be done with a deep shower tray or by installing a shower set in the bathtub and adding curtains or a bathtub screen.

2. Types of shower enclosures

There are several types of shower enclosures. Shower enclosures can vary in shape. We have:

  • rounded cab ins – one of the most popular models. Usually with sliding doors
  • square shower cubicles – comfortable, but require more space
  • rectangular cabins – suitable for larger bathrooms, these are undoubtedly modern shower cabins

Cabins can also be mounted in several ways, so that they match the rest of the room:

  • corner cab ins – make use of two walls of the room and make use of a lot of space
  • alcove shower enclosures – make use of the natural niches in a room
  • free-standing shower enclosures – only suitable for large bathrooms

Another criterion is the size of the shower tray.

  • shower enclosures with a flatshower tray
  • shower enclosures with a deep shower tray
  • shower enclosures without a shower tray

Another distinction is that due to the way of opening. In this respect, we divide shower enclosures into those that have sliding and hinged doors. There are also walk-in cabins, without doors.

3. Glass, plastic or maybe conglomerate? What cabin material should I choose?

One of the key issues to think about before choosing shower enclosures is the material of construction. Most shower trays are made of acrylic, which is relatively cheap and easy to keep clean. However, over time it can yellow or start to crack. More durable are enamel shower trays, but they are noisy during use and cold when in contact with the skin. The best, but also the most expensive solution is conglomerate – warm to the touch and scratch-resistant. Clear tempered glass on the wall of the cabin is safe and more durable than plastic. However, remember that clear glass is also more expensive.

4. Choose the right shower enclosure for your needs

If you’re browsing shower enclosures and still don’t know which one to choose, the first thing to consider is where the enclosure should be located. Assess how much space it should take up. Above all, make sure it fits the needs of your household. Consider who will be using it most and how, and choose the most practical solution. The budget you can spend on this purchase is also important.

5. How much does a shower enclosure cost?

As we mentioned above, the price of a shower enclosure depends on many factors. Foremost among these are the type of shower enclosure and the material from which it is made. An option worth considering is shopping online, where you are sure to find competitive prices

On the web you will also find many interesting inspirations that will help you make a choice.

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