Specifications of a good leaf blower

Specifications of a good leaf blower
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The popularity of garden leaf blowers is growing every year. Until recently, such equipment could only be seen by employees of urban greenery. Recently, these devices are very popular with people who have home gardens

Electric or diesel – which blower will be better for home use?

The most common criterion for choosing garden tools is their power supply. Leaf blower can be:

  • electric,
  • internal combustion engine,
  • battery-powered.

The most powerful are petrol blowers, they are great for a large area or an area where there are a lot of trees.

Petrol leaf blower

Internal combustion leaf blowers are some of the heaviest on the market. Unfortunately, the large internal combustion engine generates a lot of noise, but it removes leaves, snow and branches very quickly.

Battery-powered blower

Weighs less than a petrol blower and cleans very thoroughly. This device has an average performance. It is worth taking into account the battery life of the blower

Electric blower

It is not as convenient as a petrol or battery powered blower. It is not recommended to use an extension longer than 30m for it.

Air speed of the blower

An important element besides the method of power supply is the speed of air flow. The more powerful the device is, the greater the blast of air it has, and the more efficient the work is. It is important to know that the more powerful the blower is, the higher the price of the unit. The noise level produced by it also increases.

Before buying a blower, it is worth specifying what activities it will be used for. If it will be used to clean up freshly cut grass, e.g. from paving stones, a blower that generates a wind gust of about 200 km/h will be sufficient. If the blower is to be used to clean up wet leaves and twigs, it is worth buying a device with a power of 200 to 300 km/h. High speeds are recommended for difficult tasks.

Airflow Capacity

A good quality device should cover a fairly large area. Smaller blowers have a volume of about 200mᶟ/ h. Much more efficient are blowers with a volume of 800 mᶟ/h, which allow you to clean up even large areas

Other important features

When buying a blower, it is worth paying attention to such parameters as:

  • rotation lock,
  • weight of the device,
  • handle or suspenders attached to the device,
  • overheating protection (for electric blowers),
  • battery capacity and charging capacity,
  • the length of the blower pipe.

Leaf collection feature of the blower

Some models of blowers on the market also have a leaf collection function. They differ from classic blowers in several parameters:

  • low weight of the device,
  • the capacity and attachment of the leaf catcher bag,
  • diameter of the pipe.

Summary, or what to consider when choosing a blower:

  • drive,
  • size and weight – blowers on wheels cannot cope with difficult terrain,
  • the position of the air outlet,
  • rotation lock,
  • length of pipe,
  • loudness,
  • overheating protection,
  • ergonomics,
  • air purification system.

When choosing a leaf blower, you should be guided not only by its price, but also other important parameters such as weight and power of the device.

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