Bathroom renovation in a block of flats – how to plan it?

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The bathroom is one of the most important places in the apartment. Unfortunately, its condition both visually and technically leaves a lot to be desired in many cases. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a thorough renovation from time to time. How to plan it when it is done in a block of flats? You will find out from us!

Before you start the renovation prepare properly

Before you start remodeling your bathroom, you should determine what exactly you want to change, what you want the room to look like after the renovation, as well as how much money you can spend on the renovation. If you have sufficient skills and time, it is worth considering doing the repairs yourself. Otherwise, it is necessary to call in a team of specialists.

Before starting work, you should mark the areas where there are electrical wires and plumbing pipes. This will reduce the likelihood of damage to the components and increase the price of the renovation. Also think through where you will store your bathroom items during the work. You may need to purchase additional containers. Also think about how you are going to wash during the renovation. 

Before you decide to start work, make sure you have the necessary tools and materials to complete the renovation. Equipment should include bathroom fixtures, tiles, sealants, as well as tools such as a glue gun, hammer, tape measure, putty knife, putty knife, drill, chisel, bucket, flathead screwdriver, adjustable wrench, hacksaw, utility knife, chalk or extension cord. There are also protective clothing items – mask, gloves and helmet.

Deadline for starting work and basic plan

Due to the fact that during the renovation of the bathroom access to the toilet and shower is prevented, you need to choose the right time to carry out the work. The best time is summer. In turn, the modernization of the room itself can be planned after several years of use. Then most parts of the equipment will require renovation.

The next stage is to plan basic renovation work. These include removing old tiling, replacing plumbing parts and radiators, installing new electrical wiring, and laying new tiles. If the project includes it, sometimes the walls also need to be leveled and a suspended ceiling installed.

How to determine the duration of the renovation?

This is primarily influenced by the area of the room, the sophistication of the work, as well as additional contingencies, which, unfortunately, virtually always occur. This is directly related to the valuation of the entire renovation, so when preparing your budget, you need to assume the least optimistic version of events. Bathroom renovation in a block of flats usually takes 2-3 weeks, but sometimes it can drag on even to a month or two, depending on the specifics of the room and the aforementioned fortuitous events.

Is it worth doing the work yourself?

Due to the fact that a bathroom renovation takes place every decade or so, it is important to minimize the risk of the need for amendments. Therefore, if someone does not have the skills at the right level to do the work himself, it is worth opting for the help of specialists. This will ensure that the bathroom will have the desired look after the renovation. There are also issues of safety and functionality – expert workmanship at the various stages of the project is crucial in this context.

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