Practical and durable flooring for the kitchen

drewniana podłoga w kuchni
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The most popular finishing material for kitchen floors are tiles, mainly because of their resistance to mechanical damage and ease of maintenance. But what if we want a cozier floor in our culinary kingdom, which will be not only pretty but also durable? Here are some ideas for kitchen flooring that are worth considering at the decorating stage.

5 suggestions for kitchen flooring other than tiles

There are many alternative finishes to traditional tiles in the kitchen. Some are stunning in appearance, others are simply practical. Nowadays, without any fear, we can find such solutions that successfully combine these two functions.


We can use it without fear, provided it is properly protected. Coating a wooden kitchen floor with impregnation will protect it from water and grease. Remember, however, that splashes and stains should be removed quickly to prevent them from discolouring.


Choosing laminate flooring for your kitchen floor certainly has many advantages. The smooth surface is easy to keep clean, waterproof and quick to install.


Flexible PVC flooring is a great way to quickly and inexpensively metamorphose your kitchen floor, especially if general renovation is not an option. Three-layer coverings available in our offer, with fashionable geometrical patterns, will not only look good but also protect the floor and perfectly dampen noise


When choosing stone for your kitchen, remember that it has to be resistant to abrasion and water absorption. These requirements are met by granite cladding. Proper impregnation and cleaning of the stone with appropriate agents designed for this type of flooring will allow us to enjoy a durable finish for many years.


Resin floors, so far associated with the industry, have proudly entered the interiors as a proposal of modern floor finish, also in the kitchen. If properly installed, it will gracefully serve for years. Polyurethane floors are the most durable. They are more expensive than epoxy floors, but definitely more resistant to scratches and abrasion.

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