Blinds or shutters – what works better in the bedroom?

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Both blinds and roller blinds are a very good solution if we do not like curtains and drapes. It is also a good solution when we do not want to install curtain rods in our house or we cannot do it because of too little space or wall construction. In the bedroom we want there to be a more intimate atmosphere. It is worth considering whether you prefer to have blinds or roller blinds in your bedroom. Let’s take a look at the differences between them and the types of blinds and shades available on the market.

What is the difference between blinds and roller blinds ?

Roller blinds are mostly used in living rooms or kitchens. They are characterized by the possibility of regulating the amount of light that enters the room. They are mounted on the windows in the form of a rail. The roller blinds themselves are also a piece of material between them, which allows us to cover the whole window or only partially. The most popular are the day-night roller blinds, which have strips of slightly more translucent material. Thanks to the regulation with special strings we can successfully decrease or increase the amount of sunlight that enters the room and illuminates it. This is a good option for people who do not like to completely cover their windows. The material and its texture can be chosen. You can also choose a color that will match the shade of paint on our wall. There are also available so called Roman blinds that can cover both the whole window as well as its part. They are rolled up and are much more decorative. Unlike day-night roller blinds, they cannot control the amount of light coming in or partially cover the window. So they are not recommended for blocks of apartments that stand close to other apartments, as we will not cover the whole window without the cost in terms of a shaded room.

Blinds, on the other hand, are aluminum or wooden transverse pieces of material that partially cover the window, but give us different options for the angle at which the transverse pieces are set. Blinds made of wood look very elegant and modern. They can also be installed on windows in a non-invasive way, without destroying them or drilling. The control of the blinds can be manual, with a handle that you turn to set the blind at the angle you want or electric with a remote control. You can also order a system that is safe for children. The motor is placed in the upper slat of the blind and is completely invisible. This is a very safe and, above all, convenient solution.

Blinds or roller blinds for the bedroom?

In the bedroom, we most often desire complete window coverings and a little more intimacy. A good choice would be Roman blinds or day-night blinds. Thanks to them you can easily cover your window without worrying that someone unauthorized will notice you. Additionally they give the possibility to create a nice atmosphere and allow easier control of the amount of light that enters the interior. Blinds are comfortable but more light falls through them. Unfortunately, they do not cover the window as thoroughly as day-night blinds, which even in daylight give us some intimacy. With blinds you would have to have additional curtains in the windows. You should also remember that blinds require constant cleaning from dust. In the case of roller blinds, dust does not settle so easily and the material can be easily replaced with a new one after about a year of use at a very low cost and without dismantling the whole system, which is fixed to the window. In roller blinds you can also choose different colors of the material, thanks to which you can match them better to the decor of your interior and its style.

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