How to create practical lighting in the basement?

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Basements, due to their location, are most often deprived of access to daylight, so equipping them with adequate lighting is the only way to be able to take full advantage of these rooms. What should be kept in mind when choosing lighting for the basement and how to place it properly to ensure the best possible functionality of these rooms?

The two most important types of lighting in basements

Lighting used in the basement can be divided into two main types, each of which has a distinct opinion in these rooms

Basement main lighting

The basic and mandatory part of any basement lighting is the main light source, which ideally should be mounted in the middle of the room under the ceiling. Sometimes it is enough to use only this lighting, especially in the case of small basements and those treated as pantries or storage rooms

The best in the role of the main lighting of basements will work low lamps in the form of plafonds, adjacent to the surface of the ceilings. Remember that they should be IP44 class, so that these fittings will be resistant to adverse conditions, high humidity and changing temperatures, which are a common phenomenon in basements. An interesting solution for the main basement lighting is also the use of lamps with a built-in motion sensor, which will turn on the lighting immediately after we enter the basement and turn it off when we leave it

Additional basement lighting

The second type of lighting, colleague installation is recommended when it is used not only to store items, but also for DIY is supplementary lighting. It will work well near shelves with preserves or stored items. The best additional lighting in basements as additional lighting will be all kinds of wall sconces or lamps mounted on a cable

Lighting of stairs and cellar entrance

Very often, to get to the basement, you need to overcome the stairs. Therefore, when choosing lighting for them, you must not forget about this area. Proper lighting of the stairs should cover their entire surface and allow you to turn it on both when entering and leaving the basement. This will guarantee full safety. Great in this role perform lamps with a motion sensor, which time of light after detecting in their field of view moving objects can be adjusted to individual needs by using built-in timers

How to choose the right lighting for the basement?

Now that you know where the lighting in your basement should be located, it’s also worth finding out how to choose the right lighting.

The first necessary element of proper basement lighting selection is to determine its function. It is also important to know how to choose the right lighting for the basement

The next issue is the choice of the color of light installed in basements. It is best in this case to bet on bulbs with a color up to 5000K. This is because they guarantee the most natural effect, similar to daylight.

While choosing the same lighting fixtures, you should, as previously mentioned, pay attention to the fact that they have an IP44 protection class . These types of lamps can be found in stores under the heading of technical lighting, external spotlights or industrial lighting.

These three aspects guarantee the selection of the right basement lighting that will allow you to freely enjoy all its benefits, without any hindrance or fear for your safety

In summary, lighting in basements should consist of a single main luminaire, mounted in the middle of this room, and in the case of large rooms, additional wall lighting and lamps used at the entrance to the basement and the stairs leading to it.

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