Heating your home with a condensing boiler

montaż pieca kondensacyjnego
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Choosing the right heating system for your home is quite a challenge. Everyone wants to pay as little as possible for heat and at the same time ensure optimum temperature in all rooms. That is why today we are looking at condensation boilers. How does it work and is it worth using in homes?

How does a condensing boiler work?

A condensing boiler for home heating is powered by gas, which is a non-renewable fuel. However, this does not mean you should be worried about high heating bills or polluting the environment. Modern condensing boilers are characterized by nearly one hundred percent efficiency – this means that almost all of the gas used is converted into heat energy. The operation of condensation boilers is based on cooling down flue gases to the temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius, which makes them use gas much more efficiently than other gas installations. Additionally, such low temperature of exhaust gases makes the water vapour contained in them condensed (hence the name of the devices). Thanks to this, condensing boilers gain additional energy, which they use to heat the house

This is why – despite the higher price resulting from the use of materials resistant to the acid reaction of condensed steam – they are so popular: the investment in them is much more profitable than in the case of classic solutions

Other advantages of condensing boilers

In addition to high efficiency and low emissions into the environment, condensing boilers have even more advantages that speak for themselves in homes

No chimney

A huge advantage of these boilers is the lack of need to use a chimney, which very often becomes an architectural limitation. This type of solution requires only an air-exhaust duct, which will be responsible for supplying air and receiving exhaust fumes. In case of installing a boiler next to an external wall, it is enough for the duct to be about one meter long – thanks to that the cost of its construction will be much lower than in case of classic chimneys leading above the building roof

No need to separate a separate boiler room

Condensing boilers for home heating do not require a separate boiler room, they can be installed anywhere in the house, where there is access to water and sewage system. These devices are characterized by extremely quiet and practically unnoticeable operation. Thanks to this, their users gain more space in the interior

Convenient use

Modern condensing boilers can also be controlled via touch panels located in individual rooms or via an application on your phone. This allows you to freely adjust the indoor temperature, thus reducing heating costs. This solution also works well for people who are often away from home – they do not have to worry about the building cooling down during their absence

Closed combustion chamber

Many people still associate gas heating with outdated gas stoves that heat water. However, condensing boilers are characterized by a closed combustion chamber, which is completely isolated from the rest of the room and eliminates the possibility of the appearance of life-threatening carbon dioxide or leaking gas. Condensing boilers are therefore safe to use and do not interfere with ventilation in the house

Heating houses with condensation boilers is a modern, ecological and safe solution which guarantees full comfort of use. Those considering its use should also know that the price of heating a house with an area of 120 square meters using it is on average about 3000 PLN. If we compare the costs of the boiler with the costs generated by the heat pump, pellet, oil or electric heating, the boiler in such a comparison is in third place.

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