Energy-saving led bulbs. Where is it worth to use them?

Energooszczędne żarówki ledowe. Gdzie warto je zastosować?
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According to some calculations, LED bulbs will save up to 600 PLN per year. See in which rooms they work best.

LED lighting is increasingly replacing the traditional light bulbs – it turns out to be beneficial for both our wallet and the environment. LED bulbs of the highest quality can consume almost 90% less electricity than the traditional bulb and serve several years longer. Older models of bulbs shone with a fairly low power and were usually used as decorative lighting. Currently, however, LED technology has developed so much that there are many opportunities for its use. Where is the best place to put LED bulbs?

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LED bulbs as the main lighting

LED lighting can now also be used as the main light source indoors. There are bulbs available with enough power and luminous flux to illuminate the entire interior – so we can put such a bulb in the chandelier of the main lamp of the room. What you should know: LED bulbs in contrast to the energy-saving lamps do not need time to warm up and after switching on immediately shine at full power.

LED bulbs as supplementary lighting

The use of LED bulbs can be used in many ways. They work well as additional lighting, such as a standing lamp in the living room, or a desk lamp in a room to work or study. What is worth noting: with LED lighting we have a choice of different colors of light, which can be selected depending on the purpose of the room. For example, in a study or work room it is best to use neutral light, which is close to natural light, which will have a good impact on our efficiency while working. In the living room, on the other hand, it would be beneficial to use a warm color of light, which can add a cozy atmosphere to the interior.

LED bulbs as decorative lighting

Here we have a lot of opportunities – there are various forms of decorative LED lighting available on the market, such as LED strips, which can illuminate the kitchen countertop, mirror, picture, or a recess in the wall. We can also choose LED bulbs changing the color of light, which allows you to adjust it to the needs of the room or the circumstances. Grateful decoration are also led lights in the form of garland, available in a variety of shapes.

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