What should a garden design include?

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The garden around the house is a space that should be very carefully planned, so that you can spend time here nicely. This space must be not only aesthetic, but also functional. That is why the design of the garden created by a specialist may be important. What should be included in it?

Analysis of the existing condition. Why is it important?

To prepare it a situation and location map is used, that is the so-called geodetic base. Nowadays garden design services more and more often omit this important element, which is the analysis of the initial situation, which must be considered a big mistake. The basis for any creative concepts will be the inventory made on site, interview with the owners and check the soil conditions. At this stage it is also important to get to know the client’s preferences and to assume in advance which elements will have a chance to be appreciated by the investor, and which will absolutely not

The conceptual design of the garden, or the general vision of the plot

Another important element, without which a good garden design cannot do without, is its conceptual design. The general vision of how the plot will look like according to the architect’s proposal. Here we will find, among other things, the general shapes of the layout of the pavement, planting of vegetation, the location of small architecture. Usually such a conceptual plan is made in a scale determined to make it easier for the client to make a decision. Most often it is 1:200 or 1:250

Important details

Making a decision about the concept will be easier if it is quite well described by the architect. Thus, it should be required to include proposals for plant species, approximate dimensions of small architecture, width of paths, etc. Sometimes visualizations of the basic elements of the garden arrangement are also an addition

Amendments after consultation with the client

It is relatively rare that the conceptual design is fully accepted by the client. He must also have some time to consider the proposal. The response from the client will influence the amendments that will be made to the conceptual garden design

Technical garden design

The previous steps in creating the garden design lead to the technical design, which includes the placement of the various elements in great detail. The vegetation and the paving are in this case plotted on the technical drawing

Transparency of the technical garden design

The basic principle that should guide the person who draws up the technical design should be its clarity. It has to be created in such a way that the company or the person making it does not have the slightest problem with reading it. At the same time the dimensioning should be accurate here and include, for example, cross sections of pots or elements of small garden architecture

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The most important element of the technical garden design

First of all it is important that such a plan contains an accurate list of plants that will be planted in the garden. Equally important is their placement. In the case of plants such a plan usually includes a division into deciduous trees and shrubs, coniferous trees and shrubs, perennials and climbers. Next to the Polish name there is also a Latin name

How much does it cost to design a garden?

How much does it cost to design a garden and what influences the price? Unfortunately you can’t expect to get a professional garden design for a few hundred PLN. In this case you should expect to pay between 2 and 4 thousand PLN. Why so much and where does the range come from? As you can deduce from the article, the preparation of the project is complicated and requires many activities. This is what influences its price. The size of the plot is also important – the cheapest projects are those for gardens smaller than 500m2. Geographical price differentiation also matters – in some provinces the rates are lower than in others

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