What materials are used to make a rockery?

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The original rockery can successfully introduce an interesting character and more alpine atmosphere to the garden. Many people wonder what materials are best to create it from

Plants bring a lot of peace to our everyday life, so it is worth to manage the space with them. In addition to classic species, it is also worth taking an interest in plants from the mountains, with a slightly different character. In this article we will give you some tips to prepare and create a dream rockery in the garden, on the terrace or in a pot at home

A rockery – basic information

It is worth starting with the fact that the rockery requires a proper plan and preparation. Densely planted plants may require different care, so you need to think in advance about their arrangement and how to access them. Whether it is a rockery on a slope in the garden or one on a terrace made of tires, it is best to draw it out on a piece of paper at the beginning. Making a species list will also help you plan your purchases and organize other necessary items such as soil, sand, and decorations. It’s also worth deciding on a particular type of stone. Natural, mountain-like stones with irregular, somewhat sharp shapes look best. Those with smooth, rounded sides are better left for lining paths. Sandstone, limestone, granite rocks, or slate, among others, are suitable for a rock garden

Outdoor rock garden

A rockery in the garden should be based on the natural terrain. It looks best if it can be created on a slope – this allows the composition of plants of different heights. It is worth to be inspired by mountain vegetation and the landscape there. It is better to avoid perfectly equal, symmetrical compositions. Those who want to achieve an interesting effect can incorporate a small waterfall into the rockery. The whole will look much better if we bet on light disorder and irregular forms. If you don’t have any hills in your garden, you can create them yourself. Just build a structure of wood or larger stones. Interesting effects will also be created by using elements such as a raised terrace, side wall, or part of a gazebo. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure that the hill you pile up is not perfectly aligned. When choosing a place for a rockery in the garden, consider the sunlight and the type of soil. Most mountain plants feel well even in not very fertile soil. They are accustomed to high mountain barren soil and high sunlight. A definite advantage of these plants is their ability to withstand considerable temperature fluctuations. The choice of rockeries, which can be placed in the shade, is much smaller, but it is also available in popular stores

How to create a small rockery at home?

A rockery can also be created inside the house. An unusual but interesting solution is to plant plants in a tire. Such a bed looks great and can be kept both indoors and outdoors. You can also paint the tire and line it with stones inside to make it blend in better with the plants. An alternative option is a rockery in a pot, which will be perfect as a decoration for your bedroom or living room. Although it will only be a miniature version of what you can achieve in the garden, it will certainly also please the eye of the household. In a large, relatively flat pot, arrange a composition consisting of succulents, miniature plants. The project can be enriched with stones and pieces of wood. It is worth remembering that the whole had an element of disorder in it, to avoid too precise a form. More and more often rockeries are becoming an unusual gift for special occasions. A definite advantage of plants for a rock garden is that they are quite undemanding in care and do not need much water. This makes them perfect for the homes of people who are just beginning their adventure with growing plants.

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