What can we illuminate in the garden?

oświetlenie w ogrodzie
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Lighting in the garden on the one hand affects the safety of movement in the garden after dark, while on the other hand properly applied can conjure up stunning garden arrangements that will delight all the family and their guests and encourage them to spend time outdoors even after dark. In this case, what and how to illuminate the garden to get a great effect?

What lamps can be used in the garden?

Garden and outdoor lamps are a wide range of lighting products, among which we can distinguish some of the most striking and decorative categories

Garden pendant lamps

The first of these are all kinds of hanging lamps, dedicated to ceiling mounting. This category also includes all kinds of outdoor light chains, which can be finely distributed in different parts of the garden

Standing garden lamps

Standing lamps are another category that can create a stunning effect in gardens. They are offered in different sizes and forms. They can be both low posts and high lanterns in French style. They are designed to be mounted directly into the ground and can be placed without any problem in any part of the garden, according to individual preferences

Energy-saving solar lamps

The last category of garden lamps are those powered by the sun. Because they do not require electrical installation, they can be used in even the most remote areas of the garden. However, the best thing to remember when using them in the garden is to get as much light as possible to allow them to charge the solar batteries during the day.

Where to install a particular model of lamp to get the best effect?

Knowing what types of garden lamps will give the best effect in the garden, it is also worth knowing where to mount them. Therefore,hanging lamps are ideal for illuminating porches, terraces and balconies. They will provide a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in front of the house, and in addition their light will subtly illuminate the area around, attracting the attention of everyone. In the case ofchains of light, however, it is worth tempting to locate them on the crowns of trees and bushes, where they will create a truly fairy-tale image in the gardens, while illuminating its surface

Standing lamps are best suited to illuminate all kinds of paths and vast spaces. This type of lighting will also be perfect if it is used on the border of the plot. It will define its area and allow you to find the exit from the garden during the evening return home. In addition, stand lighting can be successfully used to illuminate the flower bed. Placed near it will highlight it and attract attention. In this case, however, it is best to bet on low standing lamps in the form of poles

The last category of lamps mentioned in the previous paragraph, in turn, is a proposal for all those who want to enrich their gardens without having to install electricity in them. Solar lamps are perfect for lighting the areas around ponds and ponds. Their light emitted after dark, reflected on the water provides a shimmering effect that encourages to spend free time in their vicinity. In addition, solar lamps can also be successfully used to mark paths in the garden. Attached one next to the other in two lines, they will show the way to the desired place and prevent trampling the entire lawn

When choosing decorative lighting for the garden, it is also worth paying attention not only to its form and installation method, which should be selected strictly according to the given needs, but also the color of the emitted light. It is best that it had a warm shade, which promotes relaxation and creates an atmospheric mood. This effect is provided by all kinds of bulbs with a color temperature of emitted light within 3000 to 4000K.

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