Solar or electric lamps. What will work in a large garden?

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It is difficult to imagine a charming garden architecture without proper lighting. We can choose between traditional electric lamps or modern solar lamps. Check which one you should opt for!

When designing the garden we should not only focus on the choice of plants, designation of paths or purchase of furniture, but also on lighting. Thanks to it we will be able to relax in our green nook also after dark. First of all, we should take care of illuminating the entrance doors, gates, driveway and paths. Illuminated flowers and shrubs will look beautiful.

Well-chosen outdoor lighting provides a comfortable rest and use of the garden at any time of day or night and affects the higher level of security. Solar and electric lamps are often installed in gardens. What distinguishes these products?

Solar lamps

Innovative solar lamps are increasingly popular. They are a great example of ecological and energy-saving solutions, because their installation does not depend on the presence of electrical systems. Solar lamps do not require constant access to electricity. Thanks to the internal battery they store solar energy. The larger the battery, the more powerful the lamp shines. Another advantage of this type of lighting is that it automatically lights up when dusk falls. Some models can also be equipped with motion sensors. An important advantage of solar lamps can also be a lower price compared to electric lighting.

Although the advantages of solar lamps may seem sufficient, it is still worth mentioning their disadvantages. Even if you choose models with a larger battery, you have to reckon with the fact that the emitted light will not be as strong as in the case of electric lamps. Remember also that during cloudy, rainy or short winter days the lamp may not accumulate too much energy necessary for longer shining. In such cases it is difficult to perform activities requiring good visibility, especially in the evening hours.

Electric lamps

Electric lamps are among the traditional solutions. They require access to the electrical grid, but despite this fact they are still popular. Their biggest advantage is that they will illuminate the same evenly chosen corner of the garden regardless of the season and prevailing weather conditions. Electric lamps are an effective type of lighting and produce large luminous fluxes, thus providing greater comfort and visibility when performing various garden activities after dark.

Electric garden lighting is best planned during the design of the house and garden, possibly at the construction stage. If we take care of this well in advance, we will avoid digging up the ground at a later time in order to pull up the electrical system necessary for this type of lamp. The electrical system in the garden should have a switch to protect against electric shock and a switch matched to the strength of the intensity.

It is also worth noting that the electric models can choose energy-efficient LED bulbs that allow you to independently adjust the light intensity according to your needs.


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