How to make a smokehouse from a barrel?

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We live in a time when DIY things are very popular – even more so if they are made from recycled items. A trendy example is a smokehouse made from a metal barrel. Its construction is simple and the effect can surpass expectations. How to make it?

How to make a smokehouse from a barrel step by step?

First of all, you need a steel or galvanized metal barrel. It is important that it was not painted inside – after all, food products will be prepared there. For the same reason, containers in which previously stored, for example, chemicals, are not suitable for this purpose. Crossbars for hanging smoked meat can be made of metal rods. A smaller barrel or a metal container can be used to make a hearth. Both elements are connected by a metal pipe.

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Next stages of work

You should start by cleaning the barrels from rust or dust. You need to make holes in both of them so that you can later insert the edges of the metal pipe. In the larger barrel we drill holes in which we later place rods for hanging food

It is necessary that the barrel which is the smokehouse is a little higher than the hearth which should be placed in a hollow in the ground. The two parts must be connected by a not too steeply sloping channel dug into the ground. The pipe for the smoke duct is placed in it. The smokehouse is now almost ready. What else should be remembered? The positioning of the firebox and smokebox in relation to each other is crucial. The distance should be about 2 m. All this is because you are smoking with smoke, not fire.

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