How to grow garlic in the garden?

Jak uprawiać czosnek w ogrodzie?
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Garlic not only adds a distinctive flavor to home-cooked meals, but also has rich health properties. See how to grow it in your own garden.

Garlic has quite high nutritional requirements. It grows best in fertile, humus-rich soil. If the soil is of poorer quality, you will need to fertilize it with manure a year before you start growing garlic

When to plant garlic and how to care for it?

Garlic is best planted into the soil in autumn – in October or early November. Then it will form larger heads. Another time to plant garlic is in spring – March or early April

Garlic should be watered regularly, especially during the period of setting and growth of bulbs, in May and June

Which variety of garlic to choose?

When growing in winter, the best varieties will be such as

  • Arkus,
  • Ceves,
  • Harnaś,
  • Huzar,
  • Mega,
  • Ornak.

Judging garlic in the spring, it is best to choose varieties such as:

  • Cyril,
  • Janus,
  • Jankiel.
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