Garden arrangement by the fence. How to develop this area?

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Plants by the fence look great, making the place more attractive. Plantings can also protect you from prying eyes of neighbors. What plants can be planted by the fence?

Why plant by a fence?

Plants by the fence are an interesting decoration of the garden and give the opportunity to isolate from prying eyes of neighbors. Another advantage of plants by the fence is that they look impressive and can be matched to the style of the garden. Flowerbeds look great next to wooden and stone fences.

If you want more privacy, plant conifers next to the fence to create a hedge. Trees planted near the fence are a great acoustic barrier (they protect against noise from the street) and thermal barrier (they protect against excessive gusts of wind).

What kind of conifers can be planted by the fence?

Conifers are one of the most popular plantings for fences. Very popular are thuyas, which perfectly protect against prying eyes of neighbors. Yew, juniper and spruce are perfect for planting near the fence. A big advantage of these species is the possibility of free shaping

What kinds of trees can be planted by the fence?

An interesting arrangement can also be created with deciduous trees, but in the autumn and winter they will not fulfill the protective function. By the fence you can plant maple, beech, hawthorn, surmia. A very interesting arrangement can be created from deciduous trees combined with conifers.

What kind of shrubs can be used to create an arrangement by the fence?

Shrubs can be used to create beautiful flowerbeds while shielding you from the neighbors. It’s a good idea to choose shrubs that grow up to 2-3m high. Hydrangea, jasmine, budleja are perfect for arranging the area by the fence. Wintergreen boxwood or barberry look interesting by the fence.

Creepers – a striking planting

A very interesting solution is an arrangement of climbing plants, which is a protection against prying eyes of neighbors. By the fence you can plant ivy, American milfoil and grapevine.

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Low plants arrangement

If the garden is surrounded by a concrete or panel fence, then you can create a colorful garden of flowers. Bulbous plants and various types of perennials are perfect for such an arrangement.

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