Evergreen plants. The most popular choices for the garden

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Evergreen plants look beautiful all year round. In winter, such plants bring a spring mood to the garden. What are the most popular evergreens?

Carolina yucca

Yucca grows in dense clumps. This plant is characterized by its long, sword-shaped leaves. Yucca grows up to 70 cm high. In July and August very large inflorescences appear in dense clumps. Yucca requires fertile and permeable soil.

Sweetheart bergenia

Heart-shaped bergenia looks beautiful on flowerbeds and rockeries. Its leaves are up to 20 cm long. The begonia blooms pink in April. Dwarf varieties of this plant look great in containers.


Periwinkle is a creeping plant, so it is perfect for rockeries and flowerbeds. It blooms in April. Its leaves are green all year round.


Boxwood is a very popular evergreen plant. This shrub can be formed in any way you want, so it becomes a beautiful decoration of every garden. A serious threat to boxwood is the boxwood moth, which causes the shrub to die. Fighting this pest is very difficult.

Eastern laurel

This shrub grows best in shade. It blooms white in spring but has very toxic fruits. It needs soil with alkaline or neutral pH.


Holly is not very popular shrub, rarely cultivated in gardens, because it freezes very easily during hard frosts. In Poland this shrub can be grown only in warmer regions of the country.

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Rhododendron is a shrub very popular in polish gardens. There are many varieties of rhododendron, some of them are very sensitive to frost and need protection before winter. This plant needs an acidic soil.

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