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aranżacja tarasu
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Terrace is an ideal place for morning coffee or reading your favorite book. It is the heart of your garden, so we will tell you how to arrange it to make it conducive to relaxation at any time of the year.

Building a terrace

If you want your terrace to be special and unique, you can build it yourself. The best and simplest solution will be a terrace on the ground. It is currently one of the most popular types of terraces and its construction by yourself will not bring you much trouble as it is characterized by the lack of any foundation. The first stage of construction is to prepare the ground on which the terrace will be placed. This is followed by the foundation and protection of the terrace edges. The final construction stage is the laying of the surface. You can make it with concrete slabs or paving stones as these materials are very resistant to harmful weather conditions. If you want your terrace to have a canopy then polycarbonate cellular panels, such as those available here, are a great choice: They are a good insulator of heat, and in addition they are also characterized by high acoustic insulation. Remember also to choose high quality materials, those that will be resistant and durable for years. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable manufacturer, such as, when designing your terrace

Choice of furniture

When you have finished building your backyard terrace, it is time to furnish it. And terrace furnishings are mainly garden furniture. In addition to an interesting design that matches the environment, they should also be durable and, most importantly, comfortable. A table or a coffee table as well as armchairs are the basic pieces of furniture which have to be placed on the terrace. They should be made of easy-to-clean and weather-resistant material, such as polyirattan. It is also advisable to choose soft and comfortable cushions (cushions made of acrylic will work well) to make spending time outdoors exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable. However, if you want your patio arrangement to be more cozy and traditional, you can opt for furniture made of treated wood. Hanging a comfortable hammock or setting up deck chairs is also a good idea, especially on summer days.

A little green

For a terrace to look really stunning, it is worth decorating it a little. And nothing works as well as flowers and other potted plants. If you want your patio to look different every year, you can choose seasonal plants. Begonias and geraniums are the most popular choices, but petunias, heliotropes, verbenas and lantanas are also available. These plants bloom long and profusely and are very attractive. Typical bedding plants such as pansies, daisies, forget-me-nots or nasturtiums look nice in pots. You can also opt for perennial plants such as conifers and shrubs. All kinds of perennials, coniferous shrubs such as spruce or hemlock, deciduous shrubs such as azaleas and evergreen boxwood, or climbing plants such as ivy or climbing hydrangea work best in pots. An interesting solution is also to arrange a small garden on the terrace, planting herbs, lettuce or tomatoes in pots.

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