Stairs of cobblestones – arrangement proposals

Schody z kostki brukowej - propozycje aranżacji
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Fashion for cobblestones is back in a new version. It is mostly used for building driveways, terraces and pathways, but it can also have a decorative function. Check our inspirations in the arrangement proposals.

Tradition in harmony with minimalism

Paving blocks are a combination of simplicity and functionality. Stairs made of this material fit in with the current trends. The market offers many patterns and colors. It has also undergone many metamorphoses during the last decade. It has been promoted from an industrial product used in public spaces to become an important element of finishing driveways, stairs and garden paths. Classic gray paving blocks have been replaced by multicolored and variously shaped elements with much more aesthetic surface. Stairs made of paving blocks are characterized by durability, and they will certainly blend in perfectly with any garden design. Get inspired by our ideas for cobblestone stairs.

Peter Bowers

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