Fence of the house – what is the best to bet on?

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Fence is undoubtedly the showcase of the house. It is at first noticed by passers-by and guests. However, important is not only its appearance, but also durability, price, functionality, aesthetics and fit to the style of the house and garden. It is important that all elements form a harmonious whole. 


Fence is one of the important elements of space arrangement around the house. It provides us with not only privacy but above all safety and freedom, especially when we have a dog or small children living with us. It is important that the fence does not only compose with our house and garden, but also that we simply like it. Depending on our needs it must also fulfill specific functions. There are many possibilities, but which is the best to decide on? 

Choosing the fence – what to consider? 

  • House style – it is obvious that when our house was built in modern style, the fence should also be like this, other combinations will look strange; 
  • Size of the property – when our plot together with the house does not cover a large area, large and solid fence will not look good either, in case of a large plot it is sometimes worth considering a combination of various types of fencing; 
  • personal preferences – when choosing the fencing we have to remember that it should be ideal for us, meet our expectations and provide us with maximum comfort, and also that it should fit our taste;
  • Available budget – unfortunately, the fence of the house is a really large and expensive investment, so we have to measure the strength to measure and match the fence to our budget.

Wood, metal, stone – what to choose? 

There are many types of fences made of different materials. Remember, that you don’t have to limit yourself to one. For example, if you have a large plot, you can combine a representative brick fence with metal spans in the front, while at the back of the plot you only need a net with posts and foundation. Of course, there is no denying that this option is simply more economical, especially if you want to fence the whole area at once. 

In our conditions it is definitely best to bet on metal fencing in various forms: forged spans (but their prices can be really high), panels or plain mesh (here it is better not to save, especially if it is to stay with us for years). A good option is to combine stone or concrete posts with a classic wooden or metal fence. Stone blocks or clinker bricks will also be suitable for plinths. 

Wood is also a popular fencing material which will perfectly match the houses of classic and traditional form. However, we must remember that if it is to serve for many years, it is better to bet on more solid wood, and also we must not forget about its annual impregnation.

When we think about the modern fence, we can like gabions, which are something like a modern and useful spatial art. They have the form of rectangular baskets filled with glass, wood or hewn stones. They are perfect as pedestals that can be combined with delicate wooden or metal spans. 

main photo: pixabay.com/islandworks

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