Debris and construction waste. How to keep the plot tidy during construction?

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Rubble is usually a mixture of building ceramics, mortar residue, as well as gravel, crushed concrete, and other debris. When stored improperly, it can cause a big mess during construction.

Huge amounts of construction waste are generated during demolition or renovation. When demolishing 10 square meters of a brick wall as much as 2 tons of rubble remains. It is worth remembering that such remains can be stored and used in many ways. In this article we explain how to effectively take care of tidiness during construction.

How to remove debris from construction site?

Construction planning is a very complex process. The team, consisting of the builder, the architect, and all the contractors, must determine exactly how all the work will be done. This requires organizing the equipment needed, as well as bringing in qualified people to do the work. Finally, there is the matter of managing the resulting construction waste. Due to their huge weight and volume, it is necessary to take care of their proper disposal. The way of dealing with rubble is strictly regulated by law in Poland and there are high financial penalties for non-compliance. The investor may pay a lot for storing waste on the premises where demolition is carried out. If we do not want to expose ourselves to unnecessary expenses, it is worth planning in advance how to effectively get rid of rubble and take care of tidiness on the plot during construction. The easiest way is to hire a company that provides comprehensive construction waste removal services. You will need to rent a special debris container for the period of the work in progress and then pay for its removal. However, it is worth learning about alternative, more ecological solutions of rubble management. It is still a valuable building material, which after a little processing can become a reusable raw material

Ways of using rubble

For many years, construction waste was commonly used to make so-called rubble concrete. The economic method allowed rubble elements to be embedded into the concrete mix. An alternative solution was to pour a crushed concrete mix over the wetted waste. Today, slightly different and more effective solutions are used. With the help of machines, construction residues are crushed. Such small pieces are then used as aggregate to prepare concrete mixes. In this way, much of the unwanted waste is recycled and provides an ingredient that is necessary for the production of many types of concrete. Builders are increasingly using the rubble from demolishing old buildings to form artificial hills, driveways, create pathways and patch holes. Irregular sharp shapes of shredded waste make the pieces easily wedge and do not shift. Stones, gravel scraps and other debris are also suitable for creating new yards, roads and parking lots for local residents

What to keep in mind during construction?

You should try to clean up the waste as soon as possible so that you can manage it more easily. The cost of renting a container is not the lowest. Usually for one container with the capacity of 2 cubic metres for the period from 3 to 5 days, including the removal of the contents, you will pay around PLN 350. In the case of a container with a capacity of 5 cubic meters this price rises to about 400 zł. Experienced construction crews, however, have ways to reduce costs associated with the container. In the area where you later plan to build a playground or a parking lot, remove about 20 centimeters of soil. Small pieces of rubble or gravel can be poured into the cavity thus created at the beginning of the construction period. Storing them in one, marked place will make it easier to keep order around the main construction site of the house or apartment building. Some of them can be immediately reused. It is worth separating waste that will not be recycled, such as plastic (foil, styrofoam, safety elements) or wood. These can be immediately placed in special containers. When you have collected a large amount of debris, then it is worth ordering a special container with the possibility of export.

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